7 Reasons Jerseylicious is Fabulous ...


7 Reasons Jerseylicious is Fabulous ...
7 Reasons Jerseylicious is Fabulous ...

I admit it. I watch Jersylicious, a salon based reality show on the Style network. I tried to resist it. It's really the Better Half's fault for watching it all the time. For better or worse, I got sucked in and now I am hooked. So, I tried to rationalize my love of the show. Here are the seven reasons why I'm officially a fan of Jerseylicious!

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Alexia + Everyone Drama

Alexia, the blond makeup artist – I'm sorry, Glam Fairy – is like the definition of a reality TV villain – and you don't even realize it at first. In the beginning, I really liked her. She was snarky, and she said some amazingly strange things, made some incredibly oddball references, but I thought she was funny. Then, slowly, by drawing everyone she crossed into a vile web of drama and intrigue, she revealed herself as the villain she was.


Olivia + Tracy Drama

Olivia is also a makeup artist. Tracy is a hair stylist. They hate each other. I mean, they really, really hate each other. From screaming matches in the salon to knockdown, drag out fights right in front of Sonic – where everyone is supposed to be happy and eating ice cream, hello – they mix like oil and poison.


Cool New 'Dos

It's not all about the drama though! The Gatsby, the salon around which the show revolves, has some really talented stylists. I love watching to see what they'll do next with their clients. The talents aren't showcased quite enough, but when they are, I get really excited about trying some of the things I see!


Marvelous New Makeup Looks

Again, even though it isn't shown quite enough, the Gatsby has – well, had – some great makeup artists. They create really fabulous looks when they aren't busy fighting with their colleagues. So, also again, it's fun to try out some of the looks I see on the show. I often have to pause it to do it, though, because within the next second, they're back to fighting again.


The Glam Fairy Controversy

I don't even know if there's anyway to explain this. Alexia is the Glam Fairy, and that's the name of her company, or whatever it is. And it causes controversy. Lots of it. Plus, just hearing all the “glam” adjectives Alexia manages to create out of thin air is pure entertainment!



Gigi is the sweet little stylist who rarely if ever has drama of her own. I just adore her. She really is a sweetheart, she's got the loveliest little personality, and she's so preciously naïve that she, too, comes out with some really outlandish statements. With her, though, they're by and large charming rather than straight up weird.


The Jersey Trend

Jersey has become … is chic the right word? I don't know. All I do know is that Jerseylicious continues the huge Jersey trend in reality TV, and I can't help it, I love it! This show takes place in Hoboken, so I am eager to see if anyone from Cake Boss ever comes to the Gatsby.

I wonder if they named the Gatsby after The Great Gatsby, though. Just given the show itself, it doesn't seem likely. Does anyone else know? And please, tell me I'm not alone – does anyone else watch this?

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