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With the thought of Halo Reach coming out on September 14, 2010, I decided to write a blog on 8 reasons I like Xbox live. Yes, I like playing video games, but that does not mean that I do not like applying makeup, washing my hair, dressing nice and spending time with my family. So, let’s start now!

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It’s Fun

It’s Fun Photo Credit: Tektum

I would be lying if I did not say that Xbox live is fun. If it were not fun, then there would not be so many users on it.


You Play with Friends

I like how you can play with friends. You can even add them to your list and see when they are online. To take it further, it even tells you what game they are playing. Neat, right?


You Play against Real Humans

There are tons of games on Xbox live and this is definitely a reason to like it. If you are wondering if a game is on Xbox live or not, all you have to do is look at the front of the case and it will tell you. You will not be playing against machines, you will be playing against real humans. If you like them, then you can invite them to party and play other games with you.


Funny to Make People Mad

Funny to Make People Mad Photo Credit: milesawaygirl

The voice is a big thing over Xbox live and when you hear them saying all kinds of mean stuff, you know that your job is done with making them mad. It’s always funny to hear someone complain after you have pawned them for the tenth time.


It’s Cheap

Did I mention that Xbox live is cheap? You have the option to pay monthly, which is 7.99 or the option to pay yearly. From time to time, you can find special deals. For example, a month ago, I found 3 months worth of live for 3.99.


You Get a Secret Identity

You Get a Secret Identity Photo Credit: doug88888

When you have Xbox live, you will get to pick what is known as your gamertag. You do not have to reveal your real name or anything to others across the network. You can pick whatever gamertag you want, as long as it is not vulgar.


Download New Stuff

You can buy new download for your games and have it automatically appear on your console. For those racing games, you can download new tracks, for Halo, you can download new maps and you can even get new skins. I really like this option.


You Have Stats

With those stats, you are working for world domination. You can see how you rank against other people online. Are you anywhere close to world domination or are you down there with the three year olds?

Xbox live is very exciting to play. I remember when I first played live on the regular Xbox, then when I played it on the 360, I found my new best friend. Today, I still run the maps of Halo and I can’t wait for Reach! So, do you have Xbox live?

Top Photo Credit: Tektum

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Does anyone else find a lot of halo players are complete d*#ks just because you're a girl? :/

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