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9 Things I Love about Dr. Drew ...

By Lyndsie

I love Dr. Drew. He talks out of his butt sometimes, but hey, don’t we all? I do it too, I just don’t get captured on film and in magazines -- thankfully, because I’d probably get sued and/or beaten within an inch or two of my life. I don’t love him quite as much as I love Dr. House, but still, I’ve got some valid reasons!

1 He’s a Silver Fox

He’s a Silver Fox Photo Credit: Michelleyyy

I still give number one props to Anderson Cooper, but Drew Pinsky is the silver fox of MTV. I don’t know what it is about this man, but I think he’s sexy. Maybe it’s his glasses and the way he only gets beeped out on TV when he’s really, really mad.

2 His Attitude

Dr. Drew is so unfailingly patient. I can’t even fathom that kind of patience. The stuff he puts up with amazes me. I mean yeah, it’s his job, but he deals with so many celebrities who have unwarranted self importance. Who else really wanted to see him beat the crap out of Steven Adler some of the time?

3 His Compassion

Again, it’s pretty much in his job description, but I love Dr. Drew’s compassion -- especially with some of those hard cases. I’m generally scornful of television doctors, but I like the way he handles so many things, I’m inclined to forgive the stigma in this case.

4 His Media Faux Pas

Dr. Drew likes to talk some shizz, right? He’s always getting quoted in some article where he’s allegedly saying something about people who aren’t even his patients. My favorite was when he basically diagnosed Lindsay Lohan sight unseen. I think people were too hard on him for that, though -- dude was totally right.

5 How He Handles Farrah

Farrah Abraham, of Teen Mom “fame,” can be quite the little monster. I love watching the way Dr. Drew deals with her. He’s completely oblivious to the snotty, snark filled tone she often pulls, and he even manages not to comment on the nightmare cry face. Restraint like that is hot.

6 How He Handles Jeff Conway

I would have loved to see Dr. Drew beat the crap out of this guy as well, especially once Jeff started wearing eyeliner and acting like he was still Grease hot and talented. This guy was a manipulator of the highest order, and so far as I’ve been able to find, Drew’s still not having it.

7 His Books

Dr. Drew writes some fantastic books. One of them details celebrity narcissism, and it’s incredibly comprehensive -- with just enough dirt to make it extremely compelling. I love gossip books. Beware if you go looking to read this, though -- you’re likely to start seeing narcissistic traits all around you.

8 His Versatility

Drug addiction, sex addiction, teen pregnancy … what can’t Dr. Drew do? He’s everywhere! Again, I know that’s his job, but in terms of his TV career, it gives him a pretty versatile resume as well.

9 His Mind

I love a smart man, and Drew’s got it going on crazy style. He handles such intense situations so deftly, and you can tell he really believes in what he does. Half the people he helps can’t even say that.

Am I alone in this? Drew’s hot, right? Don’t leave me hanging, y’all, chime in and let me know what you think of the fabulous Dr. Drew!

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