Marry the Night Masterpiece or Madonna Imitation?


Marry the Night Masterpiece or Madonna Imitation?
Marry the Night Masterpiece or Madonna Imitation?

Well, stalkers, it's here: the video for "Marry the Night" officially premiered last night, and with it comes a storm of controversy from all corners. I originally wanted to bring this to y'all, you know, last night, but several clustermugs prevented that from happening. Legions of Little Monsters persevered, however, and got angrier and angrier by the minute. Why? Because the LadyGagaVEVO page really dropped the ball. Between the long wait for the video, several leaks, and immediate allegations that Gaga was once again paying not-so-subtle homage to Madonna, "Marry the Night" is sure to be successful, if only because it's so buzz-worthy.

So, what happened with the video? Here's the scoop: the video was scheduled to premiere on E! and the Youtube video would go up once it aired on the west coast. The video instead ended up getting leaked on Twitvid, and the leak got picked up by several outlets. Mother Monster was not happy with this, and likened all the sneaky showings to a leaky piece of feminine hygiene used during monthly menstruation. Ahem. As fans on Youtube inundated Gaga's VEVO with pleas to just upload the frigging video, Perez Hilton apparently jumped into the mix and "premiered" it himself. Hardcore fans still wouldn't go see it. They didn't want to see the finished product -- at over 13 minutes, it's practically a short film -- until it was officially official.

Whether they saw it early or very late, everyone was opinionated about what they witnessed. Gaga's detractors remarked on how many moves, shots, and outfits looked like signature Madonna tricks. A number of Gaga fans caught the mimicry as well. Most were sure that, as with the song styling and video for "Edge of Glory," Gaga was just paying respect. Serious Little Monsters simply loved it for the story, which really is moving.

It seems to me that, regardless of how people feel, this is going to be yet another hit simply because of the dissenting opinions. But what do you all think? Is it a complete masterpiece or a Madonna imitation? And, in that case, is imitation the highest form of flattery?

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The comparing Gaga to Madonna is honestly getting annoying. I don't personally know Madonna's style since I wasn't even born yet, but even if they share similar styles, similarity and imitation are two different words with different meaning.

It has nothing to do with Madonna whatsoever. They're both genius and this video is amazing and spectacularly creative, but that is all.

Anyone else notice at the end when she's screaming "THE NIGHT! THE NIGHT! THE NIGHT!", the other vocal expresses "Oh Madonna, Oh Madonna". She's giving Madonna credit and tribute for inspiring her. I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

Wonderful and creative... maybe informed by Madonna, but yet her own original thing.

I am 29 years old, I grew up with Madonna. Gaga, like Britney, Christina, Gwen Stefani was definitely influenced by Madonna and you can certainly see it in her work. I love Gaga, she's very talented BUT there will never be another Madonna. There will never be another Gaga, Britney, Gwen..these women are all one of a kind. I love them all for being so awesome and different at the same time but what I love most is that they all had the same influence. Madonna. She inspired these women to do for young girls today what she did for them 20 years ago. I can only imagine what music will be like 20 years from now. I love it.

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