7 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy ...


7 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy ...
7 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy ...

I live with my parents and my sisters. Our eating habits are not necessarily unhealthy but I think we could be eating healthier. It takes a while before family members learn to accept and appreciate healthy eating. It’s especially hard if it’s been a lifelong habit of the family to consume a lot of processed food, meat, and sugary drinks. But with gradual change and a creative approach, you can make the transition easier. These 7 ways to get your family to eat healthy are simple suggestions that might work for you.

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Be Creative

Be Creative Photo Credit: ♫ sheree

Surprise your family by serving healthy food in creative ways. You can try pureeing vegetables and incorporating them in various dishes. You can even add the pureed vegetables in cookies, cakes, brownies, and other baked goods. Another way to serve healthy food is by making them look cute and interesting. One way to do this is by making bento boxes for your kids’ lunches. You can try making different kinds of sushi by using rice, vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, or any healthy food you want your family to try! I also discovered that veggies and tuna go really well in red sauce-based pastas. And who doesn’t like pasta, right? So I say, go wild with your imagination!


Cook Your Meals and Bake Your Goodies

Cook Your Meals and Bake Your Goodies Photo Credit: lili_mini

I know there is a shortage of time these days. But there is nothing better than cooking your meals and baking your goodies at home. You are ensured that your family is getting nothing but the good stuff; none of those preservatives, MSG, coloring, and extra servings of fat. When you prepare your meals and snacks at home, you control the ingredients and the portions. Not only are you saving money, you are also saving your weight and health.


Cut down on Processed Food

Cut down on Processed Food Photo Credit: Eiríkr

You can stop eating processed food by not buying them in the first place. Instead, stock up on fruits and vegetables. Wean your family off soda and reintroduce water. You can also switch to milk or fruit juice. Instead of buying the canned or bottled juice, you can invest in a juicer. Fruit juice is definitely more delicious without the preservatives, coloring, and added sugar. As for snacks, you can try making your own French fries and potato chips. You can bake them to make the snack a bit healthier. If you like chocolate, go for the dark kind. There are so many natural choices out there that cutting down or eliminating processed food is not impossible.


Get the Family Involved

Get the Family Involved Photo Credit: AlwaysBreaking

Instead of making all the decisions on your family’s food, get everyone, even the little kids, involved in the process. Explain to them in the simplest terms what is healthy and what’s not. Ask for their input and invite them to join you during grocery shopping. Don’t make things serious and boring. Keep things interactive and fun. When everyone is on board, things will go smoother than when they are detached from the process.


Have a Food Tasting

Have a Food Tasting Photo Credit: juj ~

Help the whole family get to know and appreciate healthy food by having a food tasting. Lay out different kinds of food on the table and let everyone have a taste. Encourage everyone to voice out their opinion on the food. You can even pick a favorite item and have a wall of fame or something similar. You can do this at home or at a lunch/dinner buffet. This activity is a great way to spend time with your family.


Be a Good Role Model

Be a Good Role Model Photo Credit: stardex

As the initiator of change, you should show that you are enthusiastic about the changes. Be a good role model by showing good eating habits such as serving appropriate portions, stopping when full, and avoiding processed food. Stop dieting and complaining about your body. Eating healthy is a start to a healthier life. Be positive throughout the whole experience and encourage everyone to be the same.


Make Gradual Changes

Make Gradual Changes Photo Credit: madcrow

Eating healthy is not something that happens overnight, especially so when it involves a bunch of people with different preferences. Instead of shocking your family, make gradual but permanent changes in your lifestyle. Slowly eliminate the bad and continually add the good and healthy.

Change can be challenging for anyone or for any group. However, it is not impossible especially if everyone cooperates and understands the reasons for the change. Do you have any other tips on getting the family to eat healthy? Please do let me know in the comments.

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Home made foods are always healthier option both for your body and budget.

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