7 Ways to Get Your Family to Eat Healthy ...

I live with my parents and my sisters. Our eating habits are not necessarily unhealthy but I think we could be eating healthier. It takes a while before family members learn to accept and appreciate healthy eating. Itโ€™s especially hard if itโ€™s been a lifelong habit of the family to consume a lot of processed food, meat, and sugary drinks. But with gradual change and a creative approach, you can make the transition easier. These 7 ways to get your family to eat healthy are simple suggestions that might work for you.

1. Be Creative

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Surprise your family by serving healthy food in creative ways. You can try pureeing vegetables and incorporating them in various dishes. You can even add the pureed vegetables in cookies, cakes, brownies, and other baked goods. Another way to serve healthy food is by making them look cute and interesting. One way to do this is by making bento boxes for your kidsโ€™ lunches. You can try making different kinds of sushi by using rice, vegetables, fish, meat, chicken, or any healthy food you want your family to try! I also discovered that veggies and tuna go really well in red sauce-based pastas. And who doesnโ€™t like pasta, right? So I say, go wild with your imagination!

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