5 Books to Fill That Space in Your Bookshelf...


5 Books to Fill That Space in Your Bookshelf...
5 Books to Fill That Space in Your Bookshelf...

on the Road

I have read this and sadly, I do not remember where I put my copy. I plan to read it again before the movie with Kristen Stewart in it comes out.

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Happiness at Work

Based on the review that Dani gave, this book is one treasure that most members of the corporate world will truly enjoy. I will be sure to check this out when it hits the stores.


I have not read this but the plot seems to be interesting. Again, I must get a copy before the film version (with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon) comes out.


In case you want to get your hands on all literature that are somehow connected to Robert Pattinson, this one should be on your list as well.



Written by Hillary Duff. It amazes me how incredibly enterprising this girl is. She might just own the whole Hollywood one of these days.

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Yikes! Kristen Stewart! I must remember to read it before the movie comes out.

Water for Elephants is a GREAT book, and somehow I can see robert in that role!

I'm looking for a great book to read this summer and they all look good! I definitely want to read Happiness at work! xoxoxoxo

Glad you liked the Happiness at Work book review. It was definitely a good book and I'd recommend for anyone seeking to be happy at his/her job!

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