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5 Books to Fill That Space in Your Bookshelf...

By Meream

1 on the Road

I have read this and sadly, I do not remember where I put my copy. I plan to read it again before the movie with Kristen Stewart in it comes out.

2 Happiness at Work

Based on the review that Dani gave, this book is one treasure that most members of the corporate world will truly enjoy. I will be sure to check this out when it hits the stores.

3 Water for Elephants

I have not read this but the plot seems to be interesting. Again, I must get a copy before the film version (with Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon) comes out.

4 Twilight and History

In case you want to get your hands on all literature that are somehow connected to Robert Pattinson, this one should be on your list as well.

5 Elixer

Written by Hillary Duff. It amazes me how incredibly enterprising this girl is. She might just own the whole Hollywood one of these days.

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