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Vote for 9Books in the Pepsi Refresh Project ...

By Jennifer

I love books, and my daughters love reading, too… but if they didn’t have books when they were little, their chances of being great readers would be so slim. Studies have shown that children who have their own books at home have better literacy skills than kids who don’t, and literacy skills directly translate into success in school and later, in life.

But there are so many kids who just can’t afford books of their own, so their literacy skills are lower… it’s so unfair! So last year, four friends and I launched a non-profit called 9Books, and our mission is to provide 9 free books to low-income kids each school year. Of course, one of the things we need most is grant money we can use to buy books for these kids, and Pepsi is sponsoring a grant competition called the Refresh Project. The best ideas get funded… and I think 9Books is a fantastic idea! If you agree, you can help us get that grant!

It’s so easy! All you have to do is visit and vote! Or if you live in the U.S., you can send a free text vote! Just send 102172 to 73774. Everyone can vote once a day, and every vote gets us closer to that grant!

So if you’re a book lover, or a fan of helping kids, please vote now!

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