8 Fantastic Children's Authors ...

Walk into any book store, in particular the children’s section, and you’ll be awe-struck with the sheer volume of children's bookson display. How on earth will you choose a gift for little Susie or Sammy with so many choices? There are hundreds of thousands of books, characters, and authors… let me help you narrow it down just a bit. After much research and reading, and countless bedtime stories for my own little girls, I can help. Here are 8 fantastic children’s authors. Anything by these authors will be agreat gift!

1. Mo Willems

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Must read: “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus”
Price: $10.19 at amazon.com
Mo Willems is my daughter’s, and my own, very favorite children’s author. It’s obvious from his writing that he has a daughter of his own, and he writes with a joy and sweetness that’s rare, even among those who also love writing for children. His Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny series are our favorites, but we also adore all of his other wonderful charactersand series.

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