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5 Interesting Things to Read This Monday ...

By Meream

1 a Short Film on Shoes

If you are a shoe addict, chances are you'd love a video that features how shoes are made. That is what j.crew has in store for us with this video campaign. Love the title!

2 How to Be a Werewolf

Trying to be a werewolf is not that hard when you really think about it. For those who dream of giving wannabe-vampires a hard time, this link is for you.

3 Coffee-Free Month

A brave College Candy writer spent the month of January without a drop of coffee in her system. Find out if she survived.


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4 is a Brazilian Blowout Safe?

Check out the PDF document attached to this informative post. For those who have been thinking about getting this treatment, this might help you make your decision.

5. Pots for your Garden

Not pot, the illegal plant, of course. Check out the link for great ideas on plants that you can grow in pots.

We'd love to hear about some stuff you've read about today. Hit us up in the comments!

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