5 Interesting Reads for Today ...

By Meream

1 Jennifer Aniston Got a New Haircut

Apparently, getting a new 'do is the in thing in Hollywood right now. This particular cut for Jennifer reminds me a lot of her Rachel Green days. I like it.

2 the One Night Stand

Perhaps this is something that many ladies have opinions about or stories to share? One may even hazard to say that it is part of growing up.

3 Pretty in Plum

Would you be daring enough to try plum for your hair color? I know I will not look good with that color as much as Sarah here does.

4 Fashion Show Crashers' Biggest Enemy

Meet the security bigshot who spots fashion show crashers. He looks like an adorable grandpop in a nice suit! I bet he can be pretty scary, though.

5 Transsexual Model on Oprah

Oh wow, what a brave person! She looks hot, too. This is an episode of Oprah that makes me wish I still own a television set.

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