7 Pretty Charms for Your Daughter's Charm Bracelet ...


7 Pretty Charms for Your Daughter's Charm Bracelet ...
7 Pretty Charms for Your Daughter's Charm Bracelet ...

When my oldest daughter turned 7, I gave her a sterling silver charm bracelet and a few charms, and over the years, my family and I have added to it for her birthdays and holidays. I know it’s sort of an old-fashioned gift, but she loves the bracelet, and she’s spent hours with looking at my grandmother’s incredibly full bracelet, time she might not have spent with her great-grandmother if they didn’t have that bracelet to talk about. Now that my youngest daughter is turning 7, I’m starting her charm bracelet, and I can’t wait. I’ve been searching my favorite stores for charms for her, and I’ve found so many! Here are 7 pretty charms for your (or my!) daughter’s charm bracelet…

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Daughter Price: $37.00 at lovemyswag.com
She’s your sweet little girl, your pride and joy, and what better way to let her know than with this sweet little charm? It’s darling, isn’t it? And the shape makes sure it will stand out among her other charms, a constant reminder that you adore her.



Initial Price: $23.90 at lovemyswag.com
An initial is a great way to personalize a charm bracelet, and to make the bracelet special and completely individual to your daughter. There are so many styles of letters available, but I like the simple, plain block letter, like this one. Of course, they’re available in every letter of the alphabet, so no matter what your daughter’s initial is, they’ll have it!



Pet Price: $39.00 at lovemyswag.com
Pets are so important to little girls, whether they’re a goldfish or a golden retriever, like this one. A charm commemorating a favorite pet would be such a sweet addition to her charm bracelet! Some pets may be harder to find than others, but it’s worth it to find that Chihuahua or Persian cat your little girl loves…


Activity or Sport

Activity or Sport Price: $79.00 at lovemyswag.com
Is your little girl a soccer star, or a cheerleader, or a Girl Scout? Does she swim, run track, or do ballet? Find a charm that lets the world know how much she loves her sport or activity, and she’ll wear it proudly.


Special Event

Special Event Price: $64.00 at lovemyswag.com
This year, my daughter lost her first tooth, so I’m getting her this charm to celebrate that. There are charms for so many special events, like graduation and first communion. Look back through the year and see which events you and your daughter will want to remember, and find a charm to go with them.



Character Price: $79.00 at lovemyswag.com
My little girl loves the Disney characters, Nickelodeon characters, and especially characters from her favorite books. Choose a charm that depicts her favorite character, and add it to her bracelet. This works especially well for the years that you’re desperate for a new charm, and can’t think of a new one.



Birthstone Price: $37.00 at lovemyswag.com
Since most charm bracelets feature mostly silver charms, maybe a few with colorful enamel, adding a birthstone charm is a great way to add a little color! This one is gorgeous, with a pretty crystal stone, and they’re available for every month of the year.

The great thing about finding all of these beautiful, fun charms is that I don’t have to choose which one to get — I can get all of them! I especially love the tooth fairy charm, and the daughter charm is so cute, too! Does your daughter have a charm bracelet? Which of these charms do you, and she, like best? Please let me know!

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