7 Reasons Why Real Books Are Better than E-Books ...


7 Reasons Why Real Books Are Better than E-Books ...
7 Reasons Why Real Books Are Better than E-Books ...

There has been much mention of the Kindle and other e-readers lately, but it is not a development that I welcome. I have always loved reading, but to me there can be no substitute for REAL books. Here are some reasons why the printed version will always win out.

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I’m not fond of rainy days, but it happens. So to me, a pretty good way of spending it is to curl up on the sofa and work my way through a book. Prop yourself up with plenty of cushions, snuggle under a blanket if it’s cold, and lose yourself in a Kindle … just not the same is it. Give me a book any day.



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From where I am sitting, I can see all the books on my shelves. To me, they are part of the décor, the different coloured spines and shapes adding something to my home. Sure, an e-reader saves a lot of space, and I’m sure it’s great if you’re travelling, but what is a house without books?



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Electronic gadgets are always at risk of theft, and it surely won’t be long before we start hearing about a rise in Kindle thefts. But who’s going to steal a paperback book? Plus if you spill something over a book and it’s ruined, the value is much lower than a gadget.


Eye Strain

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I wonder if e-readers will cause more eye strain than reading printed text, since effectively it is a small computer screen. Maybe it’s designed to deal with the problem. But I would find it a lot easier to read a book than a little screen.



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Browsing round a bookstore is a real pleasure. You may come across authors you had never heard of, all sorts of topics you had never thought of reading, and with second-hand bookstores you never know what gems you may come across. Downloading books takes all the fun out of it.

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Cover Art

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In the same way that the cover art was a big part of collecting LPs, so it is with books. The electronic version has no art, no colour, but is just words. It’s really not that appealing.



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Any books with illustrations just won’t work on an e-reader. What about art or photography? Imagine trying to read a recipe on a small screen (and that’s without trying not to spill anything all over it).

I’m not a technophobe, but while I can see the point of Mp3 players, as a true bibliophile I cannot see that physical books can ever be replaced. Space saving is all very well, but nothing will ever be an adequate substitute for a real book. What do you think – do you find e-readers work for you?

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I have not used an ebook yet but have read several books on my laptop and discovered that it's easier on my eyes that way, that I read much more quickly than with a regular paper book, and I seem to retain more of the details when reading from my laptop.

I love real books. But really you could make the same list about why e-books are better than real books as well. I can think of at least 7. Better for the environment is what jumps out at me. Really, that trumps all the rest as far as I'm concerned.

fyi; e-books are NOT better for the environment. They are not recyclable (paper is), they are made from plastic (so, oil, a non-renewable resource) and electronics that are impossible to separate, at least at the current state of technology. Have you ever seen the containers full of electronics equipment at waste collection places? Trees do grow again, and re-planted by paper companies. Really. Paper manufacturers provide a lot of jobs in Canada and the US. Is there any e-book made in North America? No. I think e-readers have a place, but replacing REAL books? Nope. Real people read real books!

My favorite part of reading a book is flipping through the pages. You don't get the same pleasure from a kindle. Also, I know this is weird, but I love the smell of the book.

but you like cutting trees to make paper..? i think the kindle is a great invention and i prefer it over real books any day think of all the trees you can save.

I agree real books are better than e books, one of my problems with Ebooks is that it hurts my eyes

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