7 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days ...


7 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days ...
7 Ways to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days ...

In this day and age, everyone is looking for ways tolose weight. I have even done my research on ways to lose weight. During the research, I found 7 ways to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. I admit, losing 10 pounds in 10 days does not sound like it can be done. Also, it’s not good to lose too much weight in little time. However, for those of you who need to quickly lose weight for a pool party, beach party, wedding etc,this is for you.

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Cut down on Those Useless Calories

Cut down on Those Useless Calories Photo Credit: DodogoeSLR

If you don't need it, don't eat/drink it. I'm talking about sodas, pastries, white bread, alcohol, fried food and candies. If you really want to lose weight in a little amount of time, then it would be a good idea for you to cut down on those excessive calories. Use a calorie counter to better help you decide what foods and drinks to skip.


Eat Smaller Meals, More Often

Eat Smaller Meals, More Often Photo Credit: poopoorama

This will help boost your metabolism which in turn will help you lose weight faster. It will also turn the food into energy instead of turning it into fat. This is going to help you to feel energized during the day and will curb your hunger.


Drink Water Every Day

Drink Water Every Day Photo Credit: bold.

It is important that you drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. If you find that you "forget" to drink water at work or school, carry a big bottle of water with you and make sure you finish it before coming home. Also remember, many times when you think you're hungry, all your body actually needs is some water. The best part is, water can help you lose weightand it has zero calories!


Limit the Amount of Carbohydrates You Consume

Limit the Amount of Carbohydrates You Consume Photo Credit: Capt. Mouffette

In order to lose 10 pounds in seven days, you need to limit the amount of carbs you eat. Each pound of carbs that is stored in your body will result in three to five pounds of water packed into it.


Go on a Juice Diet

Go on a Juice Diet Photo Credit: joey_joey_joey

I hope you like juice, because a juice diet for three days is just what you need. This one is harsh and you need to make sure you do not use fruit that is rich in sugar. Also make sure that you pick juices that are as close to natural as possible. This means no added preservatives. It's a great wayto detox and lose some weight.


The Master Cleanse Diet

The Master Cleanse Diet Photo Credit: Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose)

Yes, this is quite a popular diet. The master cleanse diet is also known as the lemonade diet. This is where you will be consuming lemonade mixed with cayenne pepper and pure maple syrup. Since you are trying to lose 10 pounds in 7 days, then you should go on this for at least 5 days. This is going to get those toxins out of your body, which in return is going to give you more energy.


Exercise is Important

Exercise is Important Photo Credit: metakephoto

I put this at number one, because it is the most important. You didn’t expect to lose 10 pounds without exercising, did you? There are many different exercises that you can try out. Go for a walk with your dog, take out your daughter's hula hoop, try a belly dancing class or just head to the gym. My favorite tool is the exercise ball!

Again, I do not recommend losing a lot of weight in a little amount of time, but since you are in a hurry, I gave you the tips you needed. Have any of you lost 10 pounds in ten days?

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I've tried the lemonade diet and it really works! (if you can bear the taste) yuck!

hey... i really need help i have prom coming up and i need to lose the weight but i just got in a car accident and i can't do half of the things... HELP!

Another great diet is the vegan diet. After just a few days you will feel amazing; clean, fresh, and thinner.

Hey does lemon juice include solely, purely ,only the lemon juice extract or is it mixed with water?

the master cleanse diet is actually lemon juice. Lemonade is full of sugar and extras whereas pure lemon juice has almost no calories at all. So make sure to buy lemon JUICE not lemonade! :)

Hey does lemon juice incu

what i do not get is when you are on a lemonade diet are u supposed to live only on lemonade and u can't eat ANTYTHING or? if anyone could explain this.. thnx :D

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