A Whole Lot of Testosterone


A Whole Lot of Testosterone
A Whole Lot of Testosterone

By ">https://www.myspace.com/angelimusic"> Angeli Kakade

What do you get when you combine the launch party for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 game, Tiger Woods himself, Michael Phelps, X-box, a NYC night club equipped with an all night open bar, plasma TVs featuring the game, and miniature gourmet cheese pizzas? A whole lotta testosterone! Men as I've never seen them before. Whether they were short, tall, handsome, unattractive, single, or attached… it didn't seem to matter. They all carried this heightened energy of maleness that made me question if they might have actually thought they were an incarnation of King Leonidas going off to save the land of Sparta. Ok, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I can't help but wonder what it is about sports that make men feel more… manlier? Unless you are an athlete by profession, shouldn't watching sports be for the enjoyment itself and not a reason to feel like a man? Forgive my ignorance here and enlighten me. An entire club full of men all much more interested in a trophy named after a shipping company than the few girls that mingled in the crowd…

As the night progressed into normal party atmosphere and the plasma TVs were replaced with beautiful women dressed in their "last days to wear short summer dresses," my faith in men was promptly restored as I become witness to the average male to female courtship we like to call flirting.

Best part of my night? Interviewing the gorgeous party attendee Robert Buckley, otherwise known as "the hottie from Lipstick Jungle"… which, yes ladies, he confirmed to us the show's second season (premiering Sept. 24) promises to be even more scandalous than the first.

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