5 Skirt-errific Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 Skirt-errific Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 Skirt-errific Posts to BlogStalk ...

I love every piece posted here. But if forced to choose just one, I'll go for the black tutu style skirt.

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Only Alix can get away with this effortless and chic look.


How to Wear a Tulip Skirt

Lo Bosworth shows us how. Very cute look. I love what she did with the belt.


Whip It

This is one photo off the series taken for Drew Barrmore's roller derby movie, Whip It. As you can see, I love me my tutu skirts.


Bloome Origami Skirt

The name sounds beautiful, right? Believe me, the item is even more beautiful than the name.
Top Image by **tinacris**

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I was not aware that Drew Barrymore did a roller derby movie.

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