Skin Care Advice at Any Age


Skin Care Advice at Any Age
Skin Care Advice at Any Age

**Find out what stage your skin is at and what skincare will benefit you, no matter what your age.
**We've become a society obsessed with our looks.

It's been noted that we spend more on beauty products in the west than we do on education.

Why are we so obsessed? Because it's easier and more affordable than ever before.Anti-aging skincare technology has progressed leaps and bounds. We know more about the skin today than we ever did. There are advanced skincare products that can erase years, and of course, the plastic surgeon has perfected his trade such that procedures are easier and cheaper than ever before.

Are we justified in our obsession?

They say that beauty is only skin deep, and while I believe this to be true it's also important to do what feels right for you. If keeping up appearances gets you through the day then, by all means, that's what you need to do, however I must add that I'm not a fan of going under the knife. With the huge advances made in skincare products today , I'd much prefer taking the less invasive route.

Here's a few age related tips and remedies that will help boost your skin's appearance at any age without needles and knives.

20 Something
Your skin is at its peak of beauty in your twenties, however nurture its beauty and always use at least an SPF 30 sunscreen. Of course this should continue at any age.

Avoid oily makeup and coverups. Use an oil free moisturizer every day. This is also a good time to begin using an eye cream under the eye area at night.

Try using products that contain green tea which have shown to help reduce the risk of skin cancer.

30 Something
Your 30's is when your skin is beginning to become a bit drier and sun damage may begin to appear. It's time to start using thicker moisturizing creams so as to lock in high contents of moisture. Continue with eye creams at night and use your sunscreen religiously. Also, skin bleaching products may need to be used to diminish dark spots from sun damage. Hint: Put your moisturizer on over damp skin. This helps lock in more moisture.

40 Something
It's time to kick it up another notch. Your forties is when your skin loses much of it tightness. It may begin to look dull and your pores may become larger. Blotches, freckles, age spots, discoloration, and changes in skin color may become much more visible. Retinoids, anti-oxidants and alpha hydroxy acids can improve the look of your skin and your 40's would be a good time to begin using them. Of course it's essential that you continue using a thick moisturizer and eye serums on a daily basis.

Home microdermabrasion kits are also an option that can result in a smoother more even appearing skin texture and tone while rejuvenating your skin's texture and color.

50 Something
Changes in your skin have reached high gear. Menopause has assisted in the loss of Estrogen which is what has given your skin its elasticity and kept it hydrated, however since those estrogen levels have diminished, you will begin seeing wrinkles form around your eyes, drooping eyelids and expression lines around the mouth and forehead.

Begin using anti-aging or wrinkle reducing formulas such as vitamin A (Retinol) or Glycolic acid products. Retin A has proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin texture, skin tone and color, as well as your skin's hydration levels.

Glycolic acid will trigger new formation of collagen to plump cells and reduce wrinkles on the skin’s surface. Postmenopausal women can also use a cream containing progesterone that may improve skin elasticity and firmness.

60 Something
By age 60 all types of collagen are significantly below their youthful levels. There are, however wonderful hydrating creams that contain Alpha Hydroxy acids (Glycolic acids), soy, green tea and retinol (vitamin A) which your skin will need now that it is drier and showing major signs of age. The alpha Hydroxy acids will help reduce droopy skin and the retinol will reduce your fine lines.

60 Plus
Your skin's texture will become visibly less smooth and you will most likely begin to see age spots. You'll appreciate the early care you've given to your skin because the signs of aging will be minimal, however, if you haven't started early you'll clearly notice the effects of neglect.

While it's never too late to take care of your skin the damage you already have will be difficult to reduce without special medical treatments such as botox or perhaps surgical procedures. All the above should continue to be applied but it is wise to consult your physician on advanced treatments.

by Elizabeth McGee

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I'm in my 30s and can say I'm obsessed with my skin! Ever since I started seeing my first wrinkles, I've done all I can to keep my skin looking its best! I slather on sunscreen, and have tried to get rid of my sun damage with photo facials.

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