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A New Skincare Routine.

By Elke

I've been playing with a new skincare routine lately, thanks to the lovely samples sent to me from Juice Beauty and Aveeno. And I gotta admit, I'm really liking it!

First off:

Juice Beauty
Green Apple Antioxidant Serum $45


First off, let's just say the premise behind this new skincare company is amazing. And as a former trainer for Aveda, I truly do believe in the less is more, and natural is better formula for hair, skin and body. And Juice Beauty is a true contender in this field. All of their products contain organic ingredients, directly from USDA approved certified organic farms.

And all of their bases are organic juice based, not water. How's THAT for an organic solution?

I am trying their Antioxidant Serum, using twice daily under a moisturizer and I'm seeing a difference. First of all, only two little pumps of the product is needed (lovin the pump, never have to waste product again), and there's no stinging, or side effects what so ever. So sensitive skins out there can use and not worry. There is a slight tight feeling as the serum dries, but goes away as soon as you put moisturizer on. I love the fact that I can put on twice a day, and it also gives a great smooth surface to apply makeup too. My skin looks clearer, brighter. And only after one week. Though my skin always responds best to more natural ingredients anyway, I love that it's without fragrance, and all the other stuff my skin just doesn't want.

Next I apply the Aveeno
Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer in SPF 30

I love that it's SPF 30 with a Soy Complex that can brighten skin tone. I just know that it makes my skin feel silky soft, easier to apply foundation onto, and doesn't bother my eyes, or leave a sticky residue on my skin like most higher SPF moisturizers.

With the combination of both of these, my skin is starting to look great!

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