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About My Skin Cancer

By Christina

I received a lot of email from my little Glam Beauty Beat article last week about wearing sunscreen in the winter. I feel like I babble on about sunscreen and my skin cancer all the time, but I guess I have been more quiet about it than I thought, because I got several emails from people asking about it. I was diagnosed in January, 2 years ago, so this time of year always makes me think about it, and renew my interest in sunscreen. So here is a little history, if you’re interested:

It was an odd experience. The cancer appeared not as a brown mole, or anything that was ugly or even noticeable. It was on the upper part of my nose, and was flesh colored - the only thing I really noticed that was odd about it was that it was strangely smooth. And then it started growing - within two weeks it went from an area about the size of a dull pencil tip to the size of an eraser. It really wasn’t raised at all though, but I knew something was going on.

I went to my general practitioner, who thought it was nothing. She told me to go home and watch it for another couple of weeks. I refused to - I insisted she cut it off and send it in. I remember Marshall telling the doc, “if you don’t, she will, and she will come back with it in a baggie.” So anyway, she went on and did it. And called me back 4 or 5 days later and said it was indeed cancer.

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