How to Get Rid of Your Blackheads


How to Get Rid of Your Blackheads
How to Get Rid of Your Blackheads

If you had acne problem, you might be facing other problems like enlarged pores and blackheads. We are not skin care experts but we do have some tips to share on blackheads. (I've personally tried most of them and listed them from most effective to least effective.)

Egg skin VS. your skin
How many of you have tried e,gg mask at home? I did! And I love the result although it's a little messy. Egg whites for some reason can make your skin very smooth. You can use uncooked egg whites as mask base or you can use cooked eggs to rub around your face to clean your pores. Cheapest way on the earth and very effective! OK, back to the blackheads. Next time when you use an egg, don't just throw away the egg shell. Pill off the skin attached to it and put it on your nose (Wash your face first of course) Few minutes later (as soon as the skin harden), take it off. You will see lots of blackheads on it. Works better than blackhead remover and it doesn't hurt.

Fight your blackhead with salt
You heard it right, salt. It is in fact quite simple: pad few drops of water on your nose ,dip your finger with some salt and start rub your nose until it dries out. (You should be able to feel the dirt in your pore while you doing it.) As you can tell, it cost next to nothing but it works. It might not work as good as on some people compare to others but it works.

Power of baby oil.
Lot of people rub their nose with baby oil to remove their blackheads. Because the baby oil is very genital, many people who has sensitive skin loves to use this method. But it doesn't work for me. So, I will stop over here. If you'd like to give a try, all you need to have is just a bottle of baby oil and rub your nose until you feel it's clean.

Another secret of baking soda
Besides all the ordinary way of using baking soda, there is another one that you might never heard before. They can help you get rid of your black head! Just about half tea spoon of baking soda along with few table spoons of water and soak your kapok or your home made mask into it. Cover your nose (or forehead, anywhere that has blackheads.) about 15 minutes. You then will see your black heads on the surface of your face, just wipe them out with tissue and you are done. Now, because it is more complicated, I haven't try it yet but I am about to here in a minute and I will report the result ASAP.

This all we've got. We can't wait to see if you have more to add! Throw away your blackhead remover today because they do nothing good to you other than enlarge your pore.

We hope you enjoyed it...
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