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Thinking about Washing My Face

By Christina

Whew - it is hard for me to get back up and running after the holidays. The last thing my hubby I want to think about is buying more stuff to try (yeah, to try to find a place for in the cabinet), but tis the season for taking care of yourself, right? And you can’t very well keep up with your washing your face resolution without any good stuff to do that with, right?

I have a new product by Elizabeth Arden (the most fabulous mascara maker…lol) that I have been using since about the first of December that I will get to in the next post, but first I want to link you to the most anal rententive face washing video ever - click here. Maybe not so anal as it is ineffective, at least it would be for me. Do you wash your face like this? I sure don’t - if you do, let me introduce you to my friend, the Clarisonic.

Thanks, Hsien, for the hoot of a video.

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