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Many women cherish the luxury of a bath as it provides an escape from the stresses of the world. Whether it’s a weekly or daily bathing indulgence, women can now benefit from more than a simple bath. Orion Botanica has just introduced a way to incorporate a body treatment into the regime with their Milk Bath Fizzies.

Orion Botanica has modernized ancient traditions loved by Cleopatra, who used to bathe in milk. Milk Bath Fizzies are quickly becoming a signature treatment and are truly the ultimate bathing indulgence. Each Milk Bath Bomb Fizzie when added to a warm bath will fizz and dissolve, leaving behind a luxurious moisturizing milk bath treatment. Natural alpha hydroxy acids found in milk will help to exfoliate, nourish and soften skin. Olive & Soybean Oils along with Vitamin E luxuriously moisturizes skin. After a bath treatment, skin will be soft, smooth and supple. Use as necessary for a totally pampering bath experience. Retailing for $8.50, even those on a budget can afford this luxury. Available in twelve unique scents.

While ORION BOTANICA is known for its elegance and novelty in home luxury, the spirit behind ORION BOTANICA are the signature fragrances. Available in Luxurious Home Perfume Diffusers, Soy Candles, Room & Linen Sprays, Perfumes, Body Lotions, Soaps, Bejeweled Sachets and many other accessories, you will be intrigued by the unique scents captivated by ORION BOTANICA. Twelve Signature Fragrances are available year round with Seasonal Limited Edition Fragrances presented every quarter.
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