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REVIEW Jergen's Natural Glow Face ...

By Elke

Okay, is it possible to have a love/hate relationship with one product?
Well, I do.

After deciding that I actually do like the Loreal Sublime Glow tanner, (I'm doing the once or twice a week application and really liking. I guess the every day deal was too much, and anyway, who has the time? And besides, the color and non-feel can't be beat....)

So off I go looking for a little self tan love for my face. The new Jergen's Natural Glow Face for Medium Skin Tones. It's a daily moisturizer (yeah, one less step!), oil free, lightweight, non-comedogenic, that will give a 'healthy summer glow all year long, just by moisturizing'. I'm already in love.

If I can get one product to do a million things at once, I'm happy. Why? I'm the self-admitted, lazy type. And time. I just don't have or want the time to spend to do my makeup every am. So if a little face tanner can make my job easier, I'm all for it. I would just like to avoid the potential breakout, streaky, weird color, sensitivity, and eye watering ordeal that I sometimes have to go through. Is that too much to ask for?

So one medium skin tone choice later, I apply. First off, the feel of this moisturizer is heavenly. Silky, smooth, almost satin like. And your skin feels great with it on. A soft glow, super soft. No feel, sensitivity, eye watering. This is great! Now the color part. Ever the impatient me, I get the medium shade hoping to speed things up. I apply 4 days in a row, and according to the package, after 1 faithful week of applying, a medium summer shade will emerge. Well, 4 days later and I have yet to see anything. Not a slight color change, a touch of sun, anything. Nope. Nothing. Will another 3 days of applying make a difference? I don't see how. Maybe I should have gotten it in dark. Or maybe I'll keep applying and hoping.

So see what I mean? I have a love/hate with it. I love how it goes on, and how it makes my skin feel, and if it included an SPF, I probably wouldn't even care about the so far non-existent summer tan. But that wasn't my reason for purchase... I'll keep looking.....

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer,
Medium Skin Tones

7 5 Fl Oz (221 Ml)


Source: Jergens
, Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer, Self tanner, face tanner

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