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Tinted Moisturizer for Desert Islands ...

By Beauty

Reader Jane asks:"hi beauty addict! i am such a big fan of your blog and i love your makeup picks! and who better to ask about tinted moisturizer than you? i don't like the way foundation looks on me but when winter hits, my skin gets uneven looking and blotchy and i think tinted moisturizer might be the answer for me and i was wondering if you could reccomend a tinted moisturizer?"Tinted moisturizer is my "desert island" product! You know that old question, if you were stranded on a desert island and could only pick one makeup item to bring with you, what would it be? I used to answer lip gloss or mascara, but as I've grown older and wiser, I realized there can't be a better answer than tinted moisturizer.A good tinted moisturizer will keep your skin supple, even out your complexion without being as heavy as foundation, and provide broad spectrum sun protection (which is exactly what you'd need on that desert island, right?). On a "no makeup" day it should be the only thing you use; you should never go out without SPF, so why not add some skincare benefits and a nice even glow? Good skin is often all you need to look fab on a busy day (for inspiration, see **Tom Pecheux's amazing work at Doo.Ri**).My all time favorite is **Revolotion Face by DuWop**, which I've **talked about before on this blog. It's lightweight, leaves your skin with a pretty, satin-matte finish, and comes in 6 shades with subtle (never shimmery) light reflecting pigment. Best of all, it contains avobenzone sunscreen, which offers you SPF15 protection against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays.Foundations, moisturizers, and even cream blushes have often left me with clogged pores in the past, but my skin loves Revolotion - nary a blemish or clogged pore in sight. Since I self-tan the rest of my bod but can never get the stuff to "take" on my face, I use Revolotion in Tara, which is a bit darker than my natural skin tone but blends perfectly with my "tan" - and it also evens out the remnants of my freckles (which are gradually fading away, thanks to some other products to be discussed later). $28 at ** or Sephora.And speaking of desert islands...who's watching the fall finale of LOST tonight? Can't wait! [...]

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