7 of My Biggest 1980s Crushes ...


7 of My Biggest 1980s Crushes ...
7 of My Biggest 1980s Crushes ...

I'm about to totally date myself, but I don't even care. So, I was born in 1982, and although most of what I remember of the decade comes from looking back on it, I still love it – and I still have a lot of crushes. The 80s were a great time for heartthrobs, with fan magazines really coming out big. Many of mine persevered into the 1990s. Don't believe me? Then just take a look at my biggest 1980s crushes!

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Christian Slater

Christian Slater Photo Credit: femalenetwork.com

Christian Slater was definitely one of my biggest 1980s crushes. That voice! Those eyebrows! I loved him so much! He was so all over awful in Heathers, it was awesome! That movie meant so much to me that I grew up and fell in love with one! A Heather, I mean, not an Christian Slater – but I wouldn't mind passing on those eyebrows to my progeny.


Emilio Estevez

Emilio Estevez Photo Credit: mzc.blogspot.com

I've always actually been a bigger fan of Emilio Estevez than I have been of Charlie Sheen. Why? The Brat Pack. The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo's Fire are still some of my favorite movies, and he was lovely in them. As both the Jock Who Learns His Lesson and The Sensitive Guy Who Gets Dissed by Andie McDowell, he tugged at my heart strings hardcore. It broke my heart when he married Paula Abdul. I was like, “But Emilio! I thought I was Forever Your Girl!”


Matthew Broderick

Matthew Broderick Photo Credit: femalenetwork.com

I still love Matthew Broderick, but I first fell in love with Ferris. If they ever try to remake that movie, I am flat out going to lose my mind. I won't hear of it! He's still just as fresh faced as ever, but nothing will ever beat his shower scene, or his tour de force voice over. Still, I'm glad he ditched Mercedes in favor of Carrie – I mean Sarah Jessica Parker.


River Phoenix

River Phoenix Photo Credit: justwallpaperdownload.blogspot.com

River Phoenix. Stand By Me. Does anything more need to be said? I think not. Chris Chambers was an iconic character in the short story, and in the movie, and River had the sensitivity and the toughness to bring the character to life. I miss this kid every day of life. I can only imagine what he might have been.


Fred Savage

Fred Savage Photo Credit: images.zap2it.com

Years after The Wonder Years, I forsook Fred in favor of little brother Ben in Boy Meets World – but Fred Savage was my first love, one of my biggest 1980s crushes without question. I still cry over the last episode – which I still have on VHS, thank you very much. I loved that whole series, the entire thing – and because I watched it so obsessively, I always knew Paul wasn't Marilyn Manson.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Photo Credit: gabriellesgiffords.blogspot.com

21 Jump Street, baby. Not to mention Platoon, which I obsessively watched with my father, just because of Lerner. By the time Cry-Baby came about in 1990, I was thoroughly in love – and I still am. He is one of the best actors of our time, and to think that, back in the day, everyone thought he'd come to no good end. Now look at him – and no drama surrounding him, either. What could be better?


Neil Patrick Harris

Photo Credit: connect.in.com

Doogie Howser. Doogie Howser could be better. Neil Patrick Harrison is my biggest 1980s crush out the box. He's number one, and always has been. This kid made me want to be a doctor until I was 19 and failed organic chemistry. I'm so, so glad he's back in the spotlight – and more awesome than ever.

These are my biggest 1980s crushes, but not all of them by any means. Some of them are really embarrassing, though. Tell you what, I'll share if you do! Who are your most embarrassing crushes?

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Oh my God! Until now, I still find Johnny Depp super hot!

Emilo had a crush on me and I freaked out because I had a little girl movie star crush. When he came up to me I said something dumb.. I was to scared to date him!

Hey girl! I totally agree on Johnny Depp and Christian Slater, but where oh where is Rob Lowe and Matt Dillon and maybe even Tom Cruise, before he got all crazy?

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