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50 Sexiest Women Celebrities of 2010 ...

By Sheila

It’s that time of the year again... Time to bring out new lists of course! As my gift to you, I bring to you a list of my personal** **favorite celebrities who are not only sizzling hot but inspiring as well. Either way, THESE are the celebrities to ogle at,admire and envy in 2010!

50 Christina Hendricks

Christina HendricksWith her ample bosom and sensuous curves, Christina Hendricks represents the league of few celebrities who are not afraid to embrace themselves as they are and flaunt it! Kudos to her. I'm loving the old Hollywood glamour she classic and timeless!

49 Isla Fisher

Isla FisherIsla is an absolute cutie with a smile that can melt anyone! And considering, she has some best selling novels to her list of achievements, this hot young mom personifies beauty with brains.

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48 Freido Pinto

Freido PintoI don't know if all the hoopla surrouding Freida is justified considering her part in the movie Slumdog Millionaire was a mere 15 minutes or so. But I will agree that she is exotically stunning. And now having become Woody Allen's newest muse, her future definitely looks starry bright!

47 Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa HudgensVanessa is perky and pretty no doubt but somehow she seems like just another teen star to me. Maybe, I would see the appeal if I was a teen myself. And since that is not gonna happen, I'm just going to thank God she's not posting pictures of her making out with random men online unlike a certain other troubled teen star.

46 Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianSo I'm not really sure why Kim Kardashian is famous apart from a sex tape with a certain boyfriend but she does have a bangin' bod with divine curves that I'd die for!

45 Zoe Saldana

Zoe SaldanaNow I may think her Avatar character looks hotter than her real self, but she definitely has a simplistic beauty about her that's so rare and attractive.I can't wait to watch her in the sequel to Star Trek!

44 Keira Knightley

Keira KnightleyBarring her eternal, annoying pout, Keira is a brilliant actress with a pretty pretty face. I just want to see her do a different kind of role for a change. Too much to ask?

43 Blake Lively

Blake LivelyThis young blonde first caught my attention in her role as Bridget in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and I didn't think much of her then but time has done her some good. Agreed that her personal style needs some serious editing but she's still gorgeous. I guess someone needs to tell her that you may have legs of a Greek goddess but we don't want to see all of it all the time!

42 Leighton Meester

Leighton MeesterAh! My darling Blair Waldorff. I would hate to know a character like her in real life but I love love love her style. I know a lot of you prefer Blake in Gossip Girl but I'm all about the headbands and bows and girly dresses. And Leighton's quite the fashionista in real life as well. Not to mention her insanely hot GQ shot that will blow your socks off!

41 Leona Lewis

Leona LewisLeona Lewis can sing and how! Apart from her obvious supermodel good looks and bedazzling eyes, I love Leona because she's had the same boyfriend from before she was famous and said no to a $1 million deal with Mohamed Al Fayed to open a Harrods sale because they sell fur. A

40 Hayden Panettiere

Hayden PanettiereOkay so it's a little weird that she's always dating men who are much older but to each his own right? She's petite, pretty and downright fabulous. I'm hoping we see more of her in 2010 and no not as Claire Bennet. I've had enough of that show!

39 Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftI may not be a big fan of her music but that does not change the fact that she is one incredible artist! She's a self taught guitarist who writes her own songs and sings like a dream! And the best part? She's only 20! Imagine what the future holds for this young diva!

38 Kate Winslet

Kate WinsletI love Kate because she has no qualms about showing off her imperfections. And to be that sure and comfortable in yourself is hot hot hot! Kate is absolutely divine…not to mention her prodigious acting skills. Her movies are always a delight to watch as are her interviews. And if there’s one thing I want to learn from her, it would be to age gracefully.

37 Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline LillyOne of my favourite ‘Losties’, Evangeline Lilly has it all. She’s gorgeous, a talented actress and she’s stuck on an island with Josh Holloway, enough to make me jealous.

36 Salma Hayek

Salma HayekCan you believe this woman is 42?! It's amazing how she still has the ability to make all the men of the world go weak in their knees. Not many women can do sexy this easy and I am so so soooo jealous!

35 Shakira

ShakiraThis she-wolf whose hips don't lie can gyrate like no other. I didn't even know it was possible to move the way she does until I saw it with my own eyes.Okay, so the lyrics of her songs don't usually make a lot of sense but who's paying attention?!

34 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer AnistonI don't know when she went from being sweet girl-next-door to sexy siren but I'm lovin' it! My ultimate dream is to look like her when I'm 40 (maybe with a husband but that's a different story). Heck! I wish I had that body right now! Yoga class, here I come....

33 Zooey Deschanel

Zooey DeschanelI've always loved Zooey's slightly unconventional, quirky look which goes great with the kind of movies she does and I guess it is that kookiness that makes her sexy. Don't agree with me? Look at those big blue eyes! How can you not?!

32 Angelina Jolie

Angelina JolieI don't think there will ever come a day when Ms. Jolie won't be featured in one of these lists. She's a beautiful mom to a beautiful family and sure I wish she'd put on some weight. But for now, whether she's being simple in a summer-dress and flip-flops or dressing up all out, I choose to be content with her gorgeous face and her lips that have attained cult status worldwide!

31 Anne Hathaway

Anne HathawayRemember her and all that hair in the Princess Diaries?? She’s come a long way since then. Whether she’s a princess, or Ella cursed by a magic spell or even Jane Austen, she brings these characters to life! And still looks great doing it! Beauty with Brains, that’s our Anne.

30 Halle Berry

Halle BerryOkay so I may have a small crush on her husband (read: I want to marry him), but since that's not going to happen, let's stick to praising Halle. I never thought Halle was pretty per se (Yes. I must be blind) but let's just say, if you fit in a Cat Woman suit and look as fiercely sexy as she did, you are hot enough to be on this list.

29 Heidi Klum

Heidi KlumHow this woman manages to defy time is seriously beyond me. She looks as gorgeous today (or more) as she did a decade ago.I personally loved her Jordache ad where she's posing topless, holding a whip. Kudos to her for being the hot mamma she is after all those kids! If I could age like her, I'd be as content as a yogi.

28 Emanuelle Chriqui

Emanuelle ChriquiWhat makes this star hot is her exotic, mysterious appeal. And while I'm yet to be impressed with her acting, I am impressed with the fact that she knocked off Megan Fox to make it no. 1 on Askmen's list this year. You have got to be crazy sexy to do that!

27 Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta CanalisAh! Bellissimo! Elisabetta is the quintessential Italian beauty with long brown hair and beautiful doe eyes. And agreed, we would never know of her if she hadn't suddenly emerged as George Clooney's girlfriend but hey you've got to be nothing less than perfect to be dating Clooney. We approve and adore!

26 Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen KroesThis Dutch hottie gets me envious not only because of her perfect body but also because of the ease with which she carries off both the blonde and the brunette look. And to be able to replace Scarlett Johansson in a campaign (Calvin Klein Eternity), you really have to be an Angel of some sort don't you!

25 Jessica Biel

Jessica BielI remember watching her in The Illusionist and thinking "Oh my! What a stunning face!" And while Jessica Biel is undeniably hot, what makes her even more special is her active charity work. We love hot women who care! Oh and while she can play sultry temptress, she can also play the cute girl-next-door with as much ease.

24 Charlize Theron

Charlize TheronCharlize Theron is pure mesmerising beauty with the most gorgeous eyes and divine body. She is grace personified and elegance abounding. And let's not forget her amazing acting prowess. Whether it was her chilling perfomance in Monster or her scinitillating kiss for charity, this one is a diva all over!

23 Karolina Kurkova

Karolina KurkovaKarolina Kurkova is Czech, exotic looking and has been modelling since she was 15! (I hadn't even waxed my legs back when I was 15.) I’m not even sure what I can possibly write about someone who is as blatantly sexy as her. What is it about these Czech models!

22 Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdamsI know I've said it before but here we go again...I love Rachel! I don't know if it's the fact that she always plays my favorite characters (Allie in the Notebook and then Clare in the Time Traveler's Wife) or the fact that she's so pretty and dreamy but she's one of my favorites!

21 Cheryl Cole

Cheryl ColeNot many reality show winners go on to achieve the kind of success that Cheryl Cole aka Tweedy has and I can assure you that atleast some of that has to do with the fact that Cheryl is fabulous! Here's wishing her luck on her solo career and hoping that the Girls Aloud get back together some time soon.

20 Rihanna

RihannaRihanna is a foxy diva. A daredevil who is not afraid to try new things and usually manages to carry them off effortlessly. Sure, there may or may not have been a few unflattering pictures of a certain drunk night but I'm going to ignore that. I know she's been through plenty of bad times in her personal life in the past year but you've got to admire her strength. Go Rihanna!

19 Christina Aguilera

Christina AguileraChristina has evolved from her former "dirrty" teen self to this sexy, voluptuous woman with an almost burlesque like quality a la Dita Von Teese which I love! I guess every proverbial "wild child" has to settle down someday.And how! Lindsay are you listening?

18 Malin Akerman

Malin AkermanI never thought much of Malin Akerman until I saw her as Silk Spectre. There's something insanely hot about a woman who plays a super hero (in a super hot costume ofcourse!)What do you think? Hot or not?

17 Olivia Wilde

Olivia WildeYou have got to be hot of the highest order if Megan Fox says "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands." Err ok that's a strange way to describe sexiness but it's true...Olivia most definitely sizzled as the bisexual on OC and now she's busy being the Mc Hottie female doctors of television .

16 Katy Perry

Katy PerryA girl's gotta have spunk and that's one thing Katy Perry does not lack. She exemplifies the saying that naughty girls have more fun! What other gospel singing girl could have shot to fame while crooning about her kiss-capades with a girl. Personally, I love the dark hair and those striking eyes and her adorable style! It's goth meets retro meets pure awesomeness!

15 Gisele Bundchen

Gisele BundchenI can’t think of a single reason to NOT to have this Brazilian super-model on this list. Ofcourse she’s incredibly sexy and all that jazz but I love how she exudes power and confidence. I guess being a top model for all these years does that to you.

14 Marisa Miller

Marisa MillerMama Mia! Our list is incomplete without this angel. Is this what the legends meant when they spoke of a Californian beach babe? I think so! Marissa is curvaceous in all the right spots, stunning beyond belief and the perfect model for Sports Illustarted's Swimsuit issues!

13 Mila Kunis

Mila KunisI have loved Mila since her "That 70's Show" days! She's the rare kind of girl that both men and women can easily adore. She's also the rare kind of girl who can be both cute and hot! So what makes Mila hot? At the risk of stating the obvious...her gorgeous Ukranian face and her oh-so-intense eyes...I can't wait to see more of this cutie in the future.

12 Bar Refaeli

Bar RefaeliI don't know a lot about this Israeli super model but I do know that she's simply exquisite! Sometimes I can't believe that such women really do exist! Somewhere, Leonardo is definitely cursing himself for letting her go. Aww! Don't worry Leo, you seem to have a knack for grabbing the most gorgeous women...

11 Natalie Portman

Natalie PortmanSomeone once said you either love Natalie Portman or you hate her (I think it was our very own Meream) and it's so true! I am a proud fan! She's beautiful, classy, intelligent and definitely packs a whole lot of gorgeous in that petite frame of hers!

10 Adriana Lima

Adriana LimaSometimes I think Brazil just mass produces these incredibly gorgeous women! How else do you explain the likes of Adriana Lima? I could use a hundred adjectives for her and they'd still never suffice. So I'll just go now and let the pictures speak for themselves!

9 Jessica Alba

Jessica AlbaJessica Alba is the epitome of "girl next door". I think she could stop wars with that melting smile of hers. Infact, it does not get sweeter than Jessica Alba. Atleast that's what I thought until I saw her with her baby Honor Marie. She's a whole different level of sweetness around her! A..

8 Miranda Kerr

Miranda KerrMiranda is cute in an almost feline way. True she shot up on the popularity scale after Orlando entered but truth be told, they make quite a cute couple.I think she'd make the poster perfect Cat Woman. God knows she has the body for it!

7 Beyonce

BeyoncePersonally, I did not care much for her music this past year except for maybe Halo but the world obviously disagrees with me. Beyonce has suddenly re-emerged, sexier and more powerful than ever. My favorite Beyonce moment of 2009 however, was when she called Taylor Swift back on stage during the VMA's after Kanye West's misbehaviour. Take that Kanye!

6 Kate Beckinsale

Kate BeckinsaleI don't know if perfection exists but Kate Beckinsale is as close as you're going to get. She is pretty in the kind of way that makes me want to stare at her forever. And she's multilingual. A hot as hell woman who looks F.A.B in a rubber catsuit and is fluent in English, French and Russian...Dude that's hot! I don't know about you but Esquire magazine agrees with me so ha!

5 Penelope Cruz

Penelope CruzShe's a natural at being a sultry enchantress. And it's not just the accent. It's her whole being. I can't help but cringe with just the tiniest pang of jealousy. I'm human afterall. Penelope on the other hand is divine...

4 Eva Mendes

Eva MendesLatest paparazzi photos of Eva Mendes

Two words....Latina firecracker! I mean seriously, she's got the body of a goddess with a divine face that you can't stop staring at and the best part? she's actually pretty charming! Here's one beauty who hasn't let it all get to her head (just yet!)

3 Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra AmbrosioLatest paparazzi photos of Alessandra Ambrosio

Angel she truly is! With Alessandra the sex appeal starts right from her name. And it only gets better with her physical appearance.I know somewhere God is patting himself on the back everytime he looks at her. And I'm not trying to be corny. Wonder if I would have looked any different if I had a hotter sounding name :p

2 Scarlett Johasson

Scarlett JohassonLatest photos of Scarlett Johansson

I have the biggest girl crush on Scarlett. if you placed Scarlett next to Hugh Jackman or Johnny Depp, I seriously don't know which way I'd look.She is ethereally beautiful and not to mention such a natural onscreen. I can't wait to watch her as Black Widow in Iron Man 2! She's going to kick some serious super hero butt!

1 Megan Fox

Megan FoxLatest photo of Megan Fox

She might say things that make you go "Whaaat" sometimes but when you look like that, does it matter?

She's the kind of woman dreams are made of ...well most men's dreams anyway. I don't know about beauty and brains but with those striking blue eyes and stunning face, she's got the beauty part covered just fine....

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