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The Best Places to Meet Single Men ...

By Mabelle

Whether you belong to the SYF (Single Young Female) or the SMAF (Single Middle-Aged Female) - it’s high time to ditch the usual places where you hangout to meet men.

When you go to a singles bar, for example, it’s pretty obvious for them to assume that you’re there, **desperately **wishing to hook up with a single guy.

Remember that Sex and the City **episode where Carrie taught a seminar about meeting men before a packed crowd of cynical and **frustrated women from New York?

One of the women asked Carrie if she’s ever been married. Later on in the episode, she realized that despite the many things she has written about men and relationships, she’s still as clueless about men as the rest of the SYF’s and the SMAF’s are.

My point is that it’s time to hangout less in the most obvious singles hookup joints - because single men are everywhere!

There are single men in your local church, libraries, the Laundromat, your office or college, a gadgets store, a steakhouse, the gym - or your very own version of “Central Park” - that diner that you and your friends always hang out in.

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