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10 Cute Suri Outfits ...

By Meream

This was a fun post to write for many reasons. One: I realized that Suri does have coats/jackets. People who comment that she is never without a coat or jacket are just too quick to judge. Two: Suri has the most vivid facial expressions! She could be an actress, this little girl. Three: Suri has a ballet flats collection that I am envious of. And four: I cannot help but ask "Has Katie always dressed this boring and drab?"

Table of contents:

  1. little lady in set
  2. boot affair
  3. a day with dad
  4. full skirt fun
  5. green, blue, and red all over
  6. ahoy suri!
  7. barefoot princess
  8. lady bug

1 Little Lady in Set

This little getup is cute because of the matching red cardigan and red shoes. Plus the print of her blouse is adorable. Take note, she is wearing a cardigan.

2 Boot Affair

Wearing a Holmes & Yang dress, Suri steps out with her elder sister and mom. Neon boots and bag for a kiddie touch.

3. Off to Broadway


Suri wore this cute silk dress to watch a Broadway matinee with her mom. A long coat with a quilted inner lining and gold stappy shoes completed this look. Yes, she is wearing heels. I cannot help but think that Suri will be more skillfull in wearing heels than I'll ever be. The red dress is by Holmes & Yang again.

4 A Day with Dad

Suri wore this dress + leggings combo to visit her dad. This outfit can easily be transformed for an adult and I will surely rock it. Or try.

5. Stylish Down Under


Plain blue dress and unlaced sneakers make this looka study in cute but casual (man she is one cute celeb-kid!).

6 Full Skirt Fun

I have said before that I go gaga over skirts with fun prints. This is why I love this look. And yeah, she's wearing heels here, too.

7 Green, Blue, and Red All over

This is one cute dress, if I do say so myself. The colors are fun. The red shoes are pretty adorable, too.

8 Ahoy Suri!

This dressreminds me of a photo from one of my vintage sewing books. Very cute, no?

9 Barefoot Princess

Now this dress look like a costume but I think it deserves a spot because of the context, Disneyland! She looks like she's having fun, which is always a good thing.

10 Lady Bug

There is something wrong with you if you do not find this outfit cute. The dotted dress, the ladybug umbrella, the tights, and the mary jane flats. All great ingredients for a perfect rainy day outfit. I must say that I want me a ladybug umbrella.

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