7 Big Trends for Spring 2010 ...

I love Spring fashion! Not only do we finally get to put away our jumpers and long socks, but it’s also a brilliant season for fashion, as everything on the runway looks so new and summery. So I was so excited to check out the designers shows for this Spring, and here are 7 biggest trends for the season!

1. Nudity

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Photo Credit: parasol

No, not completely naked! The biggest trend on the runway was nude coloured clothes, in everything from barely there skirts to body con dresses and shorts. Nude clothes need to have a flattering cut and drape about them, though, as the lack of colour really draws attention to how well they fit and the quality of the piece. If you want to be really stylish, though, go for clothes that mix nude with barely there colours such as baby blue and nutmeg.

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