12 Insider Tips on How to Make a Guy like You ...


First of all, I understand that surviving high school can be veryhard, especially when it comes to those relationships. Don’t let anyone tell you that they are only schoolyard relationships. Sure, they may not always be serious, but for those of you that do get into serious relationships in high school, you should know that they will actually leave an impression on your life, whether they last or not.

So, are you a girl and you are in need of tips on how to make a guy like you? Then you came to the right place! Of course, you will never be able to “make” a guy like you, it is either there or not there.

However, there are some things that you can do that will open up those eyes and let them see the “true” you. Girls, since there is no magical wand that we can wave around, we have to take the hard route. However, I have decided to cheat just a tinsy winsy bit…

I decided to turn to one of my favorite guy friends who made it through those high school relationships. Take note that he was a super nova when he was in high school (lol). Anyways, I got him to personally give me 12 insider tips on how to make a guy like you. He said that those girls who used these technics on him, captured his attention every time… So here we go:

12. Get His Attention

In order to get a guy to like you, he has to first notice you. You need to try to get his attention first. If he looks past you each time, then just speak to him. Say “hi” and send him a smile. May be even a little “wink” before you walk away. When you walk away, he will be standing there wondering if that was a wink. He may think of it and try to figure out what that “wink” meant.

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