10 Biggest Celebrity Weight Losers ...

With the summer starting, my #1 priority these days is getting in shape before we go for a beach vacation with my hubby. He doesn't understand what the fuss is all about, but thankfully other women understand how stressful these preparations are:

So, I though my diet and my exercise could use a bit of inspiration, that's why I put together a list of celebrities who we can actually look up to and think about, when running on the damn treadmill.

These 10 A-list celebrities not only** lost a lot of weight**, but they also managed to stay that way!

So, I hope these real weight loss stories will give you that extra inspiration to get fit and ready for the summer too!

1. Oprah Winfrey ...

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The most inspiring celebrity weight loser for my Mom and me was the media super woman Oprah. She had her on-going battle with weight since 1997, but I'd say she did take the problem by the horns thank to working closely with a famous personal trainer Bob Greene and keeping to a healthy diet:

"I'm not on any particular program. I've gone back to the commonsense basics we all know: eating less sugar and fewer refined carbs and more fresh, whole foods like fish, spinach, and fruit. But in order not to abuse food, I have to stay fully conscious and aware of every bite, of taking time and chewing slowly."

- O, The Oprah Magazine

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