The Top 20 Greatest Celebrity Bodies ...

Do you think we would all look as fantastic as these uber-svelte celebrities if we had access to a personal trainer and a chef? Or do you think they were born with a special gene that the rest of us normal folk missed out on?

I think we could be equally as hot if we had the time and money, plus the drive to succeed in being the best bod! I’m never surprised by the willowy figures barely casting shadows on the red carpet. I mean just imagine the pressure! Just the thought of my wobbly bits plastered all over tomorrow’s entertainment news is enough to put me off dinner never mind dessert! Here’s a list of 20 celebrities I would happily swap bodies with… well, maybe not 20 – the guys are handsome but I enjoy being a girl too much!

1. Cameron Diaz ...

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Cameron Diaz is my role model - she simply exudes a vibrant energy and healthy appetite for life. She is super-slim but looks healthy and strong. She is toned and bikinis were made for her! She is a positive example of how we could all get a little more active!

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