Inspired by Luxe Lifestyle, we want to share with you the tricks to choose the swimsuit according to the shape of your body.

Do not hide your curves during the hottest season of the year, take advantage of your figure with the tips to choose the right swimsuit for you.

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1. Narrow Hips

If your body has an inverted triangle shape, that is, your upper part is wider than the lower one;You will have to find how to balance it.In the case of swimsuits, you should look for styles that visually create volume in this part of your body.

The bath dresses that emphasize your hips are ideal for this type of figure;You can find them with bows or even with ruffles.

2. Voluptuous bust

In the world of swimsuits, with a host of models, we often get carried away by avant-garde colors and styles but if you have been blessed with a pronounced bust, one of the most important things is support.Not only is the lack of adequate support can wreak havoc on your back the time you are in the pool, but if it does not fit well, what we want least in a dip, is to fly the piece to the air together with your desire to enjoy summer again.

For this reason, my recommendation is that you choose them with thick strips on the shoulders, cups on the bust and adjustable back in the bra.

3. Small Bust

If your bust is small, you can enjoy the whole season of strapless swimwear, without having any problems.Take advantage of these types of styles since you are one of the lucky ones that you can use them without having to be worried if you are slipping or out of place.

On the other hand, to balance the shape of your body, I suggest you opt for those that create volume at the top, either with large prints or with layers.

4. Square torso

Yes, we would all like to look like calendar girls every time we go to the beach or the pool.But not all have the body of models so what better to use the new designs of swimsuits to take advantage of the best parts of our body? If your torso tends to be square and low waist, become an ally of trikinis models or one-liners with which you can highlight your figure with geometric shapes.

This type of design will make you have an hourglass figure in seconds.We are sure that with these tips also you will get inspire how to be a swimsuit model.