10 Tips on Growing Great Plants This Summer ...


10 Tips on Growing Great Plants This Summer ...
10 Tips on Growing Great Plants This Summer ...

If you are like me and you have a love for growing plants, then you are going to enjoy my blog posting on 10 tips on growing great plants this summer. I am going to tell you some basic tips and some will be based on a specific plant.

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Tomato Plants Need UV

Tomato seedlings will be in need of strong, direct sunlight or fourteen to eighteen hours of being under grow lights. The plants should be placed a couple of inches from the grow lights. For tomato plants, you should plant them outside in the sunniest part of your vegetable garden.


They Need Water

For plants, it is always important to read the watering details. For instance, some need water a lot, while others do not need much. For tomatoes, water them regularly and deeply when they are developing. When you miss a week, then try to make up for it, this is going to lead to cracking and blossom end rotting. Once the fruit starts to ripen, the water will coax the plant into concentrating the sugars.


Growing Cacti

Despite what you may have heard, cacti are nothing like camels; they need to have water. The water is going to depend on the season. During their active growing time, which is spring and summer, you should water them as you water normal houseplants. I like watering mine every week. I let the soil mixture dry out completely between watering. The best way to check this would be to stick your finger into the soil. If it feels moist, then do not water them.


Growing Marigolds

Most marigold flowers are bright orange or yellow, but there are other varieties, such as crimson. Weeds love growing around marigolds, so you will need to trim the plants often. You may want to do some diligent pruning. If you see a bud that has died or is wilting, pinch it off in order to promote new growth. They need to remain adequately watered or pests, such as spider mites or whitefly will move in. With some TLC, they will add a touch of elegance to your garden.


Growing Poppies

Poppies, just like every other plant will need to be watered. However, they only like the soil slightly moist. It’s true that they can tolerate drought-like conditions. When you water them, make sure it is very light. If it has rained recently, then they may not need to be watered. These are so delicate that hard rains or winds could harm them. They should be considered a part of a mixture of flowers. They make a great addition to any garden, because they are easy to cultivate.


Growing Sunflowers

Some have suggested that planting sunflowers along a fence would be the best. This is so that the fence will give the support they need. There are two types of sunflowers. One of them is annual, while the other is perennial. If you choose to grow the perennial kind, then it is important to remember that it could take up to three years for the plants to start to bloom.


Growing Nasturtium Flowers

The seedlings of the Nasturtium should be planted outside. They should be about one foot away from one another and about a quarter of an inch deep into the ground. Aphids have a tendency to attack these plants, so be sure to check your plants often for those intruders. You can purchase some insecticidal soap, which is going to kill these pests. It is friendly to not only the plant, but the earth as well. These plants love spending time in the sun, but they should have partial shade. The petals of this flower are edible.


Hornworms on Plants

A good old fashioned remedy for hornworms on those tomato plants would be to take some flour and sprinkle it on the leaves. Supposedly, the worms will ingest the flour, which will expand their stomach and kill them. You should try this and see if it works. Some recommend putting a smooth flour paste on the leaves so it doesn’t get blown off.


Growing Cantaloupe

There is no denying that cantaloupe enjoys being in warm weather. If they are not ripe by the time the first frost sets in, then it is important that you cover the patch with plastic sheeting during the night in order to keep the frost off of them. It could take cantaloupe up to seventy five days to ripen. As a general rule, when the stem has dried out, that means the melon is ripe.


Do They like Music?

Studies have been conducted on whether plants grow better with music. I have tried this experiment myself. After four weeks of doing an experiment, I found some amazing results. My plants seemed to do better in a room with classical music. The plants in the room with classical music grew nine to sixteen degrees away from the CD player and the plants in the room with rock music grew thirty three to eighty five degrees way from the CD player.

Always make sure you pull up the weeds that are around the plants in your garden. Read about the type of plants you have and study them. This way, you can give them the best possible care. So, what is your favorite plant?

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Nasturtium is such a lovely plant with numerous, bright, flowers, but you have to watch for bugs...they love this plant!

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