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5 Things to Put You on a Floral Frenzy ...

By Meream

1 Mini Summer Dresses

What is the perfect Easter outfit? Something floral and summer-y, of course. For inspiration, check out the fabulous photos curated by Poppies and Sunshine.

2 a Garden Feast

With the weather getting warmer, it's time to plan and organize a garden party or two. For delightful table setting ideas, check out the link.

3 for Carrying Your Everyday Summer Essentials

After the link, you will see gorgeous floral pieces. But focus on the whimsical bag from ModCloth. Is that adorable or what?

4 the Long and Short of It

You can't be wearing floral mini dresses every day this spring. Make your warm day wardrobe more interesting by adding these shorts.

5 Garden Companions

You want flowers in your garden that will last you a long time? Then what you need to plant are perennials. Check out this post by Aprille Ross.

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