7 Ways to Prep Your Garden for Winter ...


7 Ways to Prep Your Garden for Winter ...
7 Ways to Prep Your Garden for Winter ...

Now that fall’s come in earnest, it’s time to get your garden ready for the ravages of winter. Doesn’t that sound daunting? It’s not, really, not if you have a checklist in hand to help you through it. So set aside a weekend, print this list, get on your gardening gloves, and get busy! Here are 7 ways to prep your garden for winter.

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Pull Weeds

Pull Weeds Photo Credit: colors98

Ever notice how insanely weed-ridden your garden can be by the end of summer? You were able to keep ahead of them until the middle of August, but then it just got to be too much, and the weeds took over the spaces between your carefully rows of tomatoes and peas. No worries, sweetie! You can pull them now, and won’t it feel good?



Harvest! Photo Credit: MzScarlett

Your poor tomato plants look so withered, but look there, near the bottom, and you’ll see a few desolate but delicious fruits left. And look at the squashes! They’re ready to harvest too! Pluck these last few treats from their plants, and enjoy them now!


Remove Annuals

Photo Credit:roomu.net

Once you’ve brought in the last of your edibles, it’s time to pull out the annuals, anything that won’t come back in the spring. That includes almost all vegetable plants, and some flowers. Bundle them up, compost them, but pull them out! That way there’s a lot less work to do to get your garden ready in the spring…


Plant Bulbs

Plant Bulbs Photo Credit: LG Photoart

One of the things I love most about spring is the first little peep of a sweet purple crocus through the snow. Plant your bulbs now, in the fall, so when spring comes, you can celebrate with flowers, too! Choose from tulips, daffodils, paperwhites, crocusues, and so many more!


Cut the Grass

Cut the Grass Photo Credit: Vistawallpapers.wordpress.com

Your lawn is growing a lot slower now, but it’s still grown since the last time you cut it — remember? You were wearing shorts —and now it’s time to cut it one last time before spring. If you’d like you can also pay down a fall fertilizer, too.


Take down the Glass

Take down the Glass Photo Credit: Velo_city

If you have glass bird feeders or wind chimes, it’s a good idea to take them down and bring them inside for the winter so they don’t get damaged or broken. They’re so pretty, you don’t want them to get destroyed!


Fill Your Feeders

Fill Your Feeders Photo Credit: Ken Blackwell

The last step of prepping your garden for winter is to fill your bird feeders, so all of your feathered friends will have a place to perch and sing this winter. Choose a seed mix that attracts colorful birds, like cardinals, and enjoy their visits all winter!

Once you’ve finished getting your garden ready for winter, come back inside and have a cup of cocoa, hot tea, or cider! Maybe even a piece of warm apple or pumpkin pie… yum! Have you already prepped your garden for winter? If not, when will you do it, and do you think this list will help?

Top Photo Credit: baresilver

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