7 Easy Plants to Grow ...


7 Easy Plants to Grow ...
7 Easy Plants to Grow ...

I love having plants and watching them grow. I don’t only have ones that produce flowers all summer long; even though I think I enjoy those the most. Vines drape down the side of my fridge, succulents are sprinkled among the rocks, and I have a few random plants that I’m not even sure what they are. I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb, but I can keep my plants alive. Below is a list I’ve made of 7 easy plants to grow. It might be very helpful to those who also lack a green thumb, but enjoy the beauty of plants.

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Day Lilies

Day Lilies Photo Credit: Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)

I’ve planted many Day Lilies and forgotten to water them right after planting. These hardy plants not only withstand low amounts of water, but they still somehow end up producing tons of blooms at the same time. It’s simple to plant one cluster and have it end up spreading all over the yard. If you don’t want these to take over, then be sure to confine them with rocks, bricks, or some other type of barrier. They truly will claim a garden for their own.



Sedum Photo Credit: bored-now

A variety of plants fall into this category. These are a succulent, which means they don’t need much water to survive. They are a bit slower growing, when compared to the many weeds that pop up around them. Some people also call these plants stonecrops. I like their ornamental appearance and they are durable too. I’ve accidentally stepped on the ones that line the walkway and they pop right up as if nothing happened.



Heather Photo Credit: keithhull

Even though these plants thrive in soil that is acidic, I find that this doesn’t hamper their ability to grow just about anywhere. When I saw these growing on the side of rugged mountains, I was sure I could get them to grow in my own yard. I have very little dirt in some areas and needed something to hold the small amount left in place. These shrub-like plants seemed to feel right at home and I haven’t had a problem keeping them happy.


Heather plants, with their beautiful bell-shaped flowers and evergreen foliage, offer a picture-perfect addition to any garden. These hardy plants can flourish in a range of conditions, from full sun to partial shade, making them versatile for various garden designs. A tip to ensure their success is to mix some peat moss or pine needles into your soil to replicate their beloved acidic environment. Not only do they help prevent erosion, but they also attract an array of pollinators with their nectar-rich blooms. They're particularly easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance once established, which is why they've earned a spot on the list of fuss-free greenery.



Lavender Photo Credit: borealnz

I was attracted to these plants by their tiny purple flowers. They reminded me a lot of the heather plants I already had, but seemed to add a different dimension to my many gardens. It comes from tropical regions, so the heat and sunshine don’t bother it at all. I like drying the flowers and stems for potpourri and putting a few sprigs in an old milk bottle for decoration.



Mint Photo Credit: hawk_the_druid

Mint spreads across a garden area so quickly that people might think of it as being more of a weed. I like the fact that I can place one plant in the middle of an open space and have it multiply into 30 more plants by the following spring. I like making tea out of the leaves any time of the year. It makes the best iced tea during the summer.



Cactus Photo Credit: cobalt123

I’ve actually never known anyone that hasn’t been able to get a cactus to grow. This has to be one of the easiest plants to keep alive. I live in a place where it isn’t hot all year long, so I have to bring my cactus in the house during the winter months. Some of the other plants I bring inside die off during the winter, but not my cactus. It keeps going strong all year long. I leave the cactus in its planter and put it out in the garden with the rest of the plants during the summer.


Wax Plant

Wax Plant Photo Credit: pat.bluey

Not only do these plants thrive on very little water, but they also don’t need direct sunlight. I have my wax plant on top of the fridge in my kitchen. This area gets a little bit of reflective light from the kitchen window, but nothing direct. I know the plant is doing well, since it continues to send out long tendrils that eventually get dark green waxy leaves on them. It will even produce a few blooms during the winter. If you place a leaf or a piece of stem in water, then roots will start to form. Any plant that can begin growing without any dirt falls at the top of my Easy to Grow list!

If you are trying to find a variety of plants that don’t require a lot of work to keep alive, then you might find my list of 7 easy plants to grow a helpful resource. Do you have a variety of plants that you find easy to grow? What type do you find the easiest of all? Please feel free to share your ideas!

Top Photo Credit: Luigi FDV

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You have to be careful with planting mint. It spreads like wild fire, and can easily overtake you garden. I plant mine in a pot, to control it's "wild side".

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