7 Easy Plants to Grow ...

I love having plants and watching them grow. I don’t only have ones that produce flowers all summer long; even though I think I enjoy those the most. Vines drape down the side of my fridge, succulents are sprinkled among the rocks, and I have a few random plants that I’m not even sure what they are. I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb, but I can keep my plants alive. Below is a list I’ve made of 7 easy plants to grow. It might be very helpful to those who also lack a green thumb, but enjoy the beauty of plants.

7. Day Lilies

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Photo Credit: Martin LaBar (going on hiatus)

I’ve planted many Day Lilies and forgotten to water them right after planting. These hardy plants not only withstand low amounts of water, but they still somehow end up producing tons of blooms at the same time. It’s simple to plant one cluster and have it end up spreading all over the yard. If you don’t want these to take over, then be sure to confine them with rocks, bricks, or some other type of barrier. They truly will claim a garden for their own.

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