12 Things You Need To Know About Men, Body Language And Attraction


1. Most Communication Is Non-Verbal

Did you know that between 70% to 90% of the communicating that we do is actually non-verbal? All of the small gestures that you make with your face, hands and body all count towards sending silent messages to another person.

2. Raised Eyebrows

One tell tale sign of a man being romantically interested in you is the fact that he will raise his eyebrows. Scientists call this the eyebrow flash, and it is sometimes accompanied by a flare of the nostrils.

3. It Only Takes A Second

A research study conducted at Rutgers University determined that humans can tell if they are attracted to one another in only a single second. All it takes is one glance. Perhaps love at first sight is a real thing!

4. Men Are Not As Good At Body Language As Women

It’s a fact that men are not as adept and subtle at using and reading body language as women. This is why it might take a little bit longer for man to cotton on to the fact that he is being flirted with!

5. Watch His Hands

If you want to know whether a man is trustworthy or not, you should take a look at his hands. If they are shoved deep in his pockets when he talks, he might just have something to hide. Instead, you want someone who keeps them out in the open.

6. Show Your Neck

Rather than cleavage being the big attraction, recent studies

have actually shown that an exposed long neck is something that men find irresistible in women. Necks can be one of the most elegant parts of your body. Check out:

7. Angles Of The Feet

Body language experts believe that men angle their feet and toes towards the person that they find most attractive in a group. So look down and take a peek at which way he is standing; it might be straight towards you!

8. Stand Up Straight

This is a tip for both men and women. It is always best to stand up straight as this highlights all of your best assets whether they be breasts, hips or a strong male chest. Standing up straight also gives a great feeling of confidence.

9. Are They Close To You?

Pay attention to how close a person is sitting or standing next to you. If they are a little closer than you might expect, then it means that they want to be a part of your personal space, perhaps even closer than just sitting side by side fully clothed!

10. Mirroring

You can sometimes tell if a person is attracted to you by seeing if they start to mirror your actions. This is a trait that dates back to our time as primates. Check out:

11. Parted Lips

Parted lips are often a sign that a man is interested in you. Perhaps he is imagining what it would be like to kiss you, or perhaps he is simply astounded by your beauty! Check out:

12. Smoothing The Tie

If a man is wearing a suit, he will tend to smooth down his tie more than necessary if he is around somebody he is attracted to. The actions is something occupy his hands and also a way to grab your attention.