Confessions of an Adulteress


Rhaine had just gone through the passing away of her father and already she missed him like no other. She took care of all the funeral arrangements and promised her dad to iron out all the bad areas of her life. In the meantime, her best friend has been recoiling with an on and off chemotherapy for her breast ailment. Her soldier husband has been stationed in Afghanistan for his second term. She basically had no one else close enough to talk to. Both of her siblings also have their own torments. Until she bumped into Lance one lazy afternoon. He offered her a brown umbrella to share the shade and paid for her taxi back home. She then invited him for a warm chocolate to cool the hours that would pass by.


Rhaine and Lance exchanged numbers and before they could draw a deep breath together, they ended in an amorous passion one day. The dreaded thing happened, with both of their consent. First, it started with a cuddle at the love seat, then Rhaine poured out her sentiments to him very intimately until it reached a point where he was toying with her curly hair and kissing her cheeks softly. The kiss grew hotter and it led to an even hotter battle in bed. One date led to another date and another until their secret meetings became regular. It was then Rhaine found out she couldn't stop herself from being with him. She became addicted to his affections and this rose to an emotional dependency that was like a drug.


As time went on Rhaine became demanding, even exacting impossible tasks from her guy. Lance had to emphasize many times that he couldn't skip his son's baseball championships or his daughter's ballet performances. He also had to reiterate that he always drove his wife to her grocery trips. And Sunday was always reserved for family picnics at a nearby resort. She just couldn't get it. "But I want more of you..." she pleaded, 'I need you more." Lance shook his head and prepared to leave. The moment she said, "Let's have a baby!", Lance jerked his hands in the air. A baby was out of the question. It was the final deal breaker. For succeeding weeks, Lance did not make his presence known to Rhaine and she was greatly worried.


As she was walking past a downtown alley, Rhaine was surprised to hear her name called. The voice was very girlish and sweet. She turned around and saw a freckled face with red hair. She looked like 12 for she was wearing a jump suit. She also had a pony tail.

"Hi Rhaine, you don't know me but I know you. I'm Maya." The young girl beckoned in a cordial way.

"Oh hello too Maya. What can I do for you? And where did we meet?" Rhaine interrogated in her own polite way."

"Lance is my dad." Maya beamed.

Rhaine was speechless.

"I came here to beg you to leave him alone. You are beautiful Rhaine. And if you are smart enough, you will stick with your own husband instead of wrecking my home."

"How did you know about me?"

"You are not his first...and neither will you be his last. I have seen my mother suffer for all his philanderings. I have seen my mother cry for many nights. She has endured greatly through all these."

Rhaine began to fidget and she kowtowed a little to talk level headedly with Maya. "Come here Maya.I'm gonna tell you something." she continued. "How much do you love your dad?".

"I love him but I love my mom more. I don't want her to cry any longer. You have to help me help her."

Rhaine wiped Maya's freshly laden tears and held her gentle soft hands. "Okay we'll do this together. I will leave your dad alone. But promise me one thing."

Maya lifted her head.

Rhaine gave her a faint smile. 'You've got to tell your mom to give him an ultimatum next time. If this case happens again, she had better wise up. So she can stop crying for good."

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