10 things to promise to yourself today

There are many things that we learn or unlearn. Whilst drifting through this ship-o-life, we just need to remind ourselves of some promises which may inspire us and add up to our fabulous(ness)

1. I will not be afraid

Be it from taking on a newer challenge at your work place or completely shifting to another office, Be it facing a cloud of sorrow, going on that trip alone or getting out of a relationship. You should not be afraid to face the fears deeply rooted within you and remember that there is something good waiting for you on the other side of your fears.

2. I will not doubt myself or my capabilities

Yes, you can break that board meeting bang-on and yes, you can do that long one hour presentation if given the chance. There are gonna be many people who will let you down and doubt your capabilities, you shouldn't be one of them.

3. I will accept myself the way i am

There would be some days when we all feel like the un-coolest version of ourselves. Its during those days that we need to promise ourselves to accept this part as well. After all, whats all that awesomeness without a little bit of weird?

4. I will be kind to the ones who accept me at my worst

The people who didn't leave the ship during the storm sure as hell deserve a martini when it reaches the shore. May we never forget the ones who were there with us during all the turbulent times of our life and loved us with all their heart.

5. I will not take any shit from anyone

People will keep giving you shit if you accept it. Stand up now and let them know that you are not here to take any of it and if they mess with you, Lord help them!

6. I will never beg for love

Because we all deserve love. If someone ain't understanding that, then he can go hit the road. You are worthy of being with someone who loves you unconditionally without you asking for it. If you have to ask for his love or wait around for his acceptance, then its really not the kinda relationship any self-respecting woman would wanna be in.

7. I will make my dreams come true

We surely don't need anyone else to make our dreams come true. The girls who depend on someone else for making this happen lack the 'it' factor. Always believe that you have all the resources that you need to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

8. i will be confident

15 or 52, every woman should know that she is beautiful. You don't need a man or a magazine to assure you of your beauty. confidence is the key to add up to your looks. So make sure you carry it.

9. I will not try to change a guy for me

Just the way we want a guy to accept us with our flaws, they too have certain expectations from us. Acceptance is one of the major expectations guys have from us. Whatever you do, make sure that you let him be himself and make him feel that he is special just the way he does it for you.

10. I will try to better myself with each passing day

Everyday is a teacher. Nobody is perfect and we don't wanna be perfect. We just wanna be awesome. Maybe there is still some room left for improvement in all of us. We all should just de-limit ourselves and try to raise the bar a lil bit more every once in a while All said and done, every woman should keep being herself, be happy and do whatever she feels like. What more promises would you make?

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