10 Items Every Woman Needs in Her Closet ...


While cleaning out my closet and dresser the other day I was posed with a question that almost made my heart stop. β€œHow many of these things do I truly need?” Honestly, probably not a whole lot, but I love my things so I said β€œall of them.” I was lying, but there are some things that a woman most definitely needs in her closet and this ladies, is my list.

1. Nine West Marchelie Pumps

Nine West Marchelie Pumps

Price: $39.99 at ninewest.com

Every woman needs a pair of perfect peep toe black pumps in her closet. Really, they are a must have. You can wear them with jeans, with that perfect little dress, with that skirt you bought for the job interview...basically, EVERYTHING. Black pumps make your feet look sexy and these are just the perfect, mostfabulous shoes.

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