9 Tips on How to Dress on a Plane ...


Ladies, I've been traveling by air quite a lot lately and I think it's time I share my old traveller's wisdom (hehe) with you.

My #1 rule here is whether you’re flying for two hours or ten, a fabulous woman should look the part both when she gets on, and off, the plane.

Not only it will make flight attendants and other passengers be more polite and considerate towards you, it will also make you feel absolutely fabulous every single second of your flight.

And it is so much worth the effort, isn't it?

**So here come my top 9 tips on how to dress to impress on a plane!


1. Appearances Matter ...

Wherever you are, appearances matter, even more so when you’re on a plane.

Dress well, and you’ll be the first person considered for an upgrade if one becomes available, and air stewardesses will respond more positively to you.

Make sure you look the part!!

2. Do Not Wear a Tracksuit ...

However comfortable it is, tracksuits never look good.

Even designer tracksuits shouldn’t be worn while traveling.

Pick your boarding outfit carefully.

Well fitting, tailored trousers will look smart as well as being comfortable, or a smart pair of dark colored skinny jeans.

If you are on a very long flight, you can always change into sweatpants when you’re on your way!

3. Wear Cashmere ...

Cashmere is soft, comfortable and stylish.

Wearing a light pink, cream or white cashmere jumper will look classy and ensure you’ll be comfortable for the entire flight.

You could also wear a large cashmere scarf, but again stick to pale, neutral colors.

4. Wear Ballet Flats ...

Ballet shoes are available in so many colors and styles now that whatever you’ve chosen to wear there will be a perfect style available.2

They will be more comfortable and stylish than trainers, and will hurt your feet a lot less than heels!!

You can also slip them off if you want to relax your feet, and they don’t take up much room if you want to swap footwear just before you get off.2

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