31 Ways to Put on Weight Fast ...


I've been writing a lot lately about different ways to lose weight, but what if you're just the opposite?

What if you're too thin and need to gain weight?

For some people, this is really a problem and just eating fast food is not the solution - just as with weight loss, weight gain has to have the right mix of good food and exercise.

I've got two close girlfriends who have a hard time gaining weight and keeping it on, so I asked them for their best tips for putting it on fast.

1. Add Calories ...

My friend Lauren is naturally thin and has a hard time gaining weight, but one of her greatest tips is to add five hundred calories to your daily caloric intake.

Five hundred calories isn't too much, so she assures me that you won't feel too full or sick, but those added calories beyond what you normally eat will help you add on weight.

A big bar of good chocolate or a very thick milk shake could do the trick!

Check out e-How's post on How to Gain Weight for more examples of foods with more calories and WikiHow.com to learn how to start the weight gaining process!

Their advice is brilliant, but formula they use to calculate how many calories you need per day seems to be complicated, so I'd use this easy formula instead.

Drink Sodas ...
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