20 Cutest Celebrity Kids ...


They have it all... good looks,money, fame, the latest trends in clothes and technology. And most of them are under six years old! And while we agree that ALL kids are adorable...you've got to admit that some are just more adorable than others. Right? :D

Join our countdown as we go from the cute to the cutest celebrity kids of today.

20. Alexander Sasha Pete

Alexander Sasha Pete

This blonde, blue- eyed pretty baby is the son of Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber.

He will turn two this July 25th.

After his birth, Naomi said " Have a baby.

It's the best".

That's some magic Alexander cast on her!

19. Sam Woods

Sam Woods
Sam Woods

Meet Tiger Woods' daughter, Sam who is about a year and a half old now and super adorable.

I love her twinkling black eyes.

On winning the US Open in June, for which Sam was present, Tiger Woods said, "There's no way I could have gotten through this without Sam being there...

spending that much time off and away from training and trying to get better, Sam was absolutely incredible...

just watching her grow, walking, running now, it's been just the greatest thing in the world."


18. Eden and Savannah

Eden and Savannah
Eden and Savannah

Actress Marcia Cross' and Tom Mahoney's lovely twin daughters, Eden and Savannah turn two this February.

Marcia swears that motherhood cracks your heart wide open.

I'm sure all you mothers will agree with that.

17. Shaya Braven Charvet

Shaya Braven Charvet

Shaya is definitely blessed with the "pretty" gene considering he is the son of Brooke Burke and David Charvet.

Shaya will turn a year old this March.

If you are wondering, Shaya means "God's gift" in Hebrew.2

16. Max Liron Bratman

Max Liron Bratman
Max Liron Bratman

Born to singer, Christina Aguilera and music executive Jordan Bratman, Max Liron Bratman is about to turn one on the 12th of January.

I love his straight brown hair and his blue eyes!

Max was apparently the name that both Christina and Jordan loved and Liron is Hebrew for "my song" or "my joy".

He looks like a little bundle of joy alright!

Ava Jackman
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