13 Ways to Stay Away from Your Ex ...


Haven't we all been in this difficult situation at some point?

Newly broken up and thinking of ways to stay away from the ex?

Avoiding your ex can be hard, especially when you live in the same small town or go to the same school or college!

Below, I am going to give you 13 ways to avoid the awkwardness and stay away from your ex.

13. Avoid His Workplace

Avoid His Workplace

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If you are trying to overcome a breakup, it goes without saying that you should avoid visiting his workplace.2

If he works some place that you visit often, then just do your best to find something else to do and avoid it as much as possible...

atleast till the time you manage to deal with your ex-issues.

12. Avoid His Hang out Place

Avoid His Hang out Place

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Back in the good, old days, your ex, your friends and you hung out together in the same places and you've now started to think of it as “your” place.

However, after a breakup, things must change.

I know you love hanging out there, but the only way to avoid your ex would be to avoid his hang out place and find another place.

Avoiding the place will also ensure that you don't think of him often and this will help you deal with the breakup.

11. Don’t Call Him

Don’t Call Him

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Are you crazy?

Calling him is only going to lead him on or give you false hope!

It is going to send him the wrong signals.

Yes, you agreed to stay friends, but calling him right away is out of the question.

This is especially true if you are looking for ways to avoid him!

10. Don’t Answer the Phone when He Calls

Don’t Answer the Phone when He Calls

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He calls a lot.

In fact, your phone is ringing silly because of him.

Your answering machine is full of messages.3

Girl, no matter what you do, delete those messages and ignore that phone if you're trying toget over him.

Don’t Answer His E-mails
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