Top 10 Bathing Suits for Summer 2009 ...

The bathing suit season... Some of us love it, some of us dread it (including your humble author), but despite the bad light and the horrible fat mirrors in the fitting rooms we’ll all have to face this challenge yet again, Ladies ...

I've been working hard on getting in shape this spring (see my posts on weight loss for the ideas), so I'm really hoping bathing suit shopping this year will be a little less painful. And I even made a little research online to see what bathing suit trends are the hottest this summer. I also discovered that buying the right bathing suit for your body type will go a long way in helping you raise the temperatures!

So check out my 10 current favorites and see if these fabulous bathing suits will work for you!

1. Calvin Klein Halter Swimsuit ...

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I love this black halter swimsuit! I think that halters do such a great job of lifting and supporting, and they give such a flattering line to my neck and shoulders. This bathing suit, with the super cute bead detail, would look great on the beach this summer.

Check it out for $120 at

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