8 Sexiest Swimsuits ...

We all have one thing in mind for the summer and that is swimsuits. Each year, we set out to find the best swimsuit. You know, the one that will look the sexiest on us and fit our bodies just fine. Here are my favorites for this summer. I have to admit, some of them may be a bit too revealing and aren’t for the faint hearted.

8. Collar Tie Front Bikini

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Price: $86.00 at sexyswimwear.com
This is a bikini with a halter style top that consists of a unique collar that makes it look adorably retro. Denim is huge these days and that's exactly what the bottom is made of. The top ties in the front and the bottoms tie at the sides. The straps tie in back of neck and the back. They are all adjustable.

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