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5 Polka Dots Styling Ideas to Be Dotty about...

By Meream

1 Dotted Hose

What could be cuter than boots plus dotted pantyhose? This makes me wish there is a Forever 21 near where I live.

2 Pair Dots with Dots

I am not very good with mixing patterns. But Whitney Port makes it look so easy. Dotted skirt with a dotted top? It works.

3 Polka Dot Trend Overload

We have here another F21 item I wish I can buy. And more polka dots goodness! Which of the dresses is your fave?


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4 Painterly Dots

This top combines two of my loves: watercolor paintings and polka dots. They make for a very elegant and fun blouse.

5 Dotty and Cheap

Polka dotted lovelies for under $20 each! The sweater and umbrellas look so cute.

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