16 Coolest Wedges for This Summer ...

I know what you might be thinking: "Wedges? No thank you!" But the truth is, girls, this season's wedges are pretty fabulous! And SO much more comfortable than heels (believe me, I've worn both today)!

If you look at wedges with men's eyes, they'd look even stranger - my hubby, for instance, thinks they are too funny - but if men ever tried walking in 4 inch heels in 86 degrees, they'd probably be more forgiving.

Well, anyway, I just thought that wedges deserved a little fashion praise for taking good care of our ankles and toes.

And here they are - 16 Coolest Wedges for This Summer!

1. Bottega Veneta - Crocodile Platform Sandal ...

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img.allw.mn Veneta - Crocodile platform sandal.jpg

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