2 Die 4 Sergio Rossi Suede Boots


2 Die 4 Sergio Rossi Suede Boots
2 Die 4 Sergio Rossi Suede Boots

Finally! Something that combines my love for suede, with my eternal love for boots, with my love for all things fabulous! Presenting, the ravishing Sergio Rossi Suede Boots that cover my two favorite c's for the day... classic and comfortable!

What's so fab about it: My favorite part about this pair is its simple design, which makes it perfect for a casual day out. Plus it looks uber-comfortable and warm, and I can only imagine how great the suede would feel against my cheek. What! Have you never done that with a pair of shoes?

The boots come in a neutral beige and an electric blue which I know can literally drive my blues away :D

Where would I wear it: It's impossible to wear suede often here in India, so I'll save this for my holiday in Paris. They'd go perfect with skinny jeans, a cute harajuku tee, maybe even a Fedora hat if I feel adventurous!

How Many Tall Lattes It's Worth: 395

Where to Look 4 It: luisaviaroma.com

I know these Sergio Rossi Suede Boots seem a bit pricey, but they also seem like a great one-time investment and if you're nice to them, they will last you forever. Don't you agree?

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This would look great with a little black dress, bobbed hair and pearl earrings

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