22 Hottest Blonde Celebrities ...


How many times have you heard that blondes have more fun?!

Almost makes me want to put on a blonde wig and test the theory myself.

I may not know how much truth there is to that but I know for a fact that when you are as hot as some of our celebrities below, it really doesn't matter!

Check out our pick for the 20 hottest blonde celebrities...

22. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Shade of Blonde: Golden blonde

True Hair Color: Blonde

Famous for: Her forgettable films (ironically)

What Makes This Blondie Hot: Her smile...

Okay so I'd rather not watch her act but that does not mean that Kate Hudson isn't lovely especially with that radiant smile!

Not to mention her intense feline eyes.

Good genes I suppose?

Her personal life may not be a success story per se but she's young, gorgeous and has miles to go...

Ali Larter
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